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DS[3.10] got a second eye test tommorow...

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Nemo2007 Mon 13-Aug-07 21:51:59

I took him this morning as he has been saying his eyes are hurting etc. Has been saying this for a year but when I took him last year optician said he was too young to test. Anyway today took him and he may need glasses but optician asked me to bring him back again tommorow so he can but eyedrops in that relax the muscles and make things blurry. Now just wondering if anyone else has had this done to their child???

Nemo2007 Mon 13-Aug-07 22:11:26


Furball Mon 13-Aug-07 22:15:38

Ds has had this done 2/3 times now and has worn glasses since he was 3 1/2. They put drops in half hour beforehand, unfortunately they do sting abit so bribery needed with chocolate or other stuff. They then shine a light into the eye and gauge the reflection back and work out if a presciption is needed. Very clever stuff.

Good luck - if glasses are needed, the range of free NHS ones are great no more pink or blue plastic ones, really trendy stuff now.

Nemo2007 Mon 13-Aug-07 22:19:06

thanks furball
will tell ds if he is good can have a treat. From the tests today they said he looks like he might be long sighted but want to check.

debbiewebweb Tue 14-Aug-07 13:12:18

A tip - My dd has this regularly, she's been wearing glasses since 2 1/2. The drops dilate the pupils for sometime after the test so take sunglasses or hat if he'll be in the sunshine afterwards as it may be pretty uncomfortable for him otherwise.

Nemo2007 Tue 14-Aug-07 13:47:08

Just got back and he does need glasses, his pupils are hugely dialated, looks like he has black Luckily it was raining so no sunshine discomfort. He was great not a peep out of him and usually he screams when he has eyedrops.

Furball Tue 14-Aug-07 21:41:36

glad he wasn't phased by it all Nemo.

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