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Can anyone recommend a good moisturiser while on Roaccutane for acne

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SunnySummerDays Tue 08-Oct-19 07:46:59

Ds has been on it a week and we need a better moisturiser. His skin is very sensitive and everything makes it red at the moment. Have tried all the spot moisturiser type ones. But it looks sore red and angry. Thanks

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LunaTheCat Tue 08-Oct-19 07:49:46

Take him back to GP. Can get a flare initially with roaccutane. GP can prescribe good moisturisers and check all well.

SunnySummerDays Tue 08-Oct-19 08:09:08

Thank you Luna We’ve always struggled with getting a good moisturiser anyway as his skin is sensitive ... so it’s always been the dilemma of oily moisturiser v sensitive moisturiser. I got him a sensitive one but it doesn’t last all day. Just got a bottle of aveno to try. Always uses Lips stick anyway so they seem ok at min.

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SapatSea Tue 08-Oct-19 21:53:18

My Ds's dermatologist gave him dermol five hundred when he took roccutane. You can also use standard Dermol but the five hundred one also acts as an antimicrobial to prevent infection. My Ds had been using Cetraben but she felt it wouldn't cut it although my son preferred it a she thought his skin looked greasy with the dermol. You may also need a lip balm as lips can get pretty dry on roccutane after a few weeks. The dermatologist also suggested doublebase.

pollyannaperspective Thu 10-Oct-19 11:00:36

DD used Cetaphil products for her face while on Roaccutane and since. Also always had a lip salve with her for dry lips.

LemonYumYums Thu 10-Oct-19 11:02:53

Nivea, the original creme in the blue pot, is extremely moisturising and great for my sensitive skin. I’d try that, it’s dirt cheap too.

SunnySummerDays Sun 13-Oct-19 01:17:54

Just seen these messages, thank you!
Using a pink Nivea at mo. I’m going to ask doc if we can get one from them. He’s using lipsalve, so that’s sorted. Nose bleeds have started now!!
So it’s all falling apart at mo, spots are worse, skin is red after sport and showers, chin is flaky and having nose bleeds.... I do hope we turn a corner in the next couple of weeks!

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ClientListQueen Sun 13-Oct-19 01:26:52

This one. Bland but loaded with ceramides so good for the skins barrier

This is also great but more £££
Travel size here which would work as a trial (see pic)

Bertie1812 Sun 13-Oct-19 01:39:35

I did a course a couple of years ago. La Roche Posay Effaclar H is a moisturizer made for people on roaccatane and is the only thing that worked for me

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