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Private HPV - can I now stop going for smear? Trigger for SA

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athenagoddessofwar Mon 07-Oct-19 15:33:47

Firstly, need to say I'm in Scotland, where smear tests are due to change to HPV in 2020, but haven't yet.
I understand that most of the UK now use HPV testing as the primary test instead of smears, and if you are negative, you reattend in 3/5 years.
Wanted to be responsible but could not face smear following sexual assault. Got HPV test kit online from proper UK pharmacy, and found out today that it is negative.
My question is, if I write to GP to advise them of this, will they consider it enough under the current Scottish system, or still say I have to attend for a smear? I was due to go about 6 months ago and have just had the follow up letter.
Basically I've gone through the test that women in most parts of the UK now get, so will that be enough?
Please don't say just to attend for smear. I have PTSD. I was trying to be responsible by taking this private test at home.

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Fromage Mon 07-Oct-19 16:01:58

Smears are not compulsory. You'll get prompted by your GP because they have quotas to fill.

Do you feel you can make an appointment, explain your situation and ask not to be included in smear testing?

athenagoddessofwar Mon 07-Oct-19 16:04:33

That might be the best course of action. Thanks

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