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ESR abnormal

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MotherOfLittlePeople Mon 07-Oct-19 12:17:23

I've just had some bloods done because of some pains I was having a few weeks ago which the doctor put down to the depo injection.

Results have come back and everything is normal apart from ESR (unsure exactly what it is, had a bit of a google and had to stop before I panic myself) receptionist spoke to GP and rang me back to say they are not concerned over the result and they would only be concerned if it was over 50 and mine isn't.

Any body ever had this? Should I be worried?

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CuriouslyCuriously Mon 07-Oct-19 12:29:06

This test is to see if inflamation is present that may indicate infections, autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis etc.

Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is the test they are doing.

Hope all is OK for you.

MotherOfLittlePeople Mon 07-Oct-19 12:48:44

I've just read anything can make it come back higher, bacterial infections such as colds etc. Well I do have cold. They said they are not worried and it was just a full blood test to see basically hormone levels and everything. I'm not to worried after reading that and they obviously aren't but I won't google anymore lol. Thanks for your reply.

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CuriouslyCuriously Mon 07-Oct-19 14:30:18

I don't do searches for health stuff anymore after finding out something I didn't want to know. Hope your pain has now gone and you're doing OK

MotherOfLittlePeople Mon 07-Oct-19 16:35:06

Yes pain has gone and had gone before bloods were requested but they wanted to rule out pregnancy on the depo and my hormone levels. Ill worry about this for ages now though xx

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