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Skin tag removal (near London)

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techiemom Mon 07-Oct-19 10:47:20

Hi. I'm near London and was wondering if anyone knew where a safe but also reasonable priced place to go to remove skin tags?

I had a search on Google and the ones that came up are extremely expensive. Around £150 to £180 per skin tag.

I'm guessing these are the rip off companies that generate tons of cash to get on the front page of Google.


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BusterGonad Mon 07-Oct-19 11:35:38

How large are they? Where about on your body? Couldn't you tie some string around it and do it yourself for free?

techiemom Mon 07-Oct-19 11:59:24

On my neck. One is very large (about the size of a small pea), there are a few others which are tiny. I don't want to do it myself for risk of doing something wrong.

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Roussette Mon 07-Oct-19 12:07:24

Can you research and see if you have something called GP Care in your area?

Here is what it is... it's part of the NHS but is for non urgent minor surgery particularly skin tags, and that type of thing. They were fantastic when I had an ugly cyst removed. Yes, you pay, but it's definitely so much cheaper than going to a private clinic. You go to a normal surgery to have it done. I just emailed them and sent pictures. I had an appointment through and had it done, then had the stitches removed at my normal surgery.

NHS Patients
GP Care has multiple contracts with NHS commissioners across the country offering NHS patients fast access to high quality diagnostic, outpatient and ancillary healthcare services at convenient community locations.

Our NHS services in each area are provided by established local clinicians including NHS Consultants, GPs and Specialist Nurses and have a reputation for delivering excellent care.

BusterGonad Tue 08-Oct-19 03:17:02

Op I've done a few small ones myself and a few in my husband, it's easy but I understand your reluctance. So long as the cotton/your hands are clean I think it's fine. I'm no doctor though! The

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