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SpideyMom Sun 06-Oct-19 09:56:55


Sorry if I'm going to sound abit silly here but I'm abit confused.

I'm not a stranger to piles unfortunately. Started when I was heavily pregnant and as I have ongoing bowel issues every now and then they occur but normally with symptoms.

To cut a long story short, I discovered yesterday I have a pretty large dark coloured external lump (sorry TMI) which I assume is a pile. However I don't recall recently overly struggling to pass anything. Since i have started with the bowel nurses I have been able to go alot easier than I used to. I am also use to piles being quite uncomfortable, and when they are dark in colour extremely uncomfortable. This one isn't. Very very very minor itching, no pain and I am going to the toilet with no pain at all. Obviously if it is a pile I am really lucky to not have the usual discomfort they bring, but I'm not used to them being so easy. I've checked it again today. How long will it take to go, and can piles come with very few symptoms?


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