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Canesten doesn't work, itching constant.

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EbonyOrchid Sat 05-Oct-19 01:02:31

I've had thrush for a while now and the itching has gotten so bad that I've actually caused myself to bleed on several occasions. I went to see the GP and they firstly gave me 1% clotrimazole cream which didn't work.

I went back again and they gave me 2% clotrimazole cream and an oral pill. It worked for a bit, but I still felt the itch here and there, but nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

Lately the itch has come back and I've been applying the cream. Last visit to the GP, they took a swab for anything else it could be and said if they find something that they'd call me, but they've not called at all, so it's not an STI. The itch isn't internal, might I add. It's on the tops of my left inner thigh and along the front of my womanhood (for a more tasteful term).

Roll on about a week - 2 weeks. I've purchased more cream and a pessary, I've used the cream and just now used the pessary but is there anything else I can possibly do to stop this itch and rid this infection?

As for my diet, before anyone asks, I eat healthy food, the only unhealthy habits I do have is drinking Coca-Cola near constantly rather than juice or water - I've tried to quite drinking cola but it's incredibly difficult for me. And I also vape 6mg Nicotine e-juice as I have quit smoking and in turn will eventually be quitting vaping too.

I have had multiple blood tests done but none have come back with diabetes, and I'm not entirely sure if it runs in the family.

Please help! The worse itch is always the top of my inner thigh and along the front of my privates.

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Bluebell9 Sat 05-Oct-19 01:19:18

Do you have a partner? If so, are they being treated too?

EbonyOrchid Sat 05-Oct-19 01:32:37

I do not, no. I'm not sexually active and haven't been for about a year.

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RedWineAllMine Sat 05-Oct-19 01:36:40

I had re occurring thrush after childbirth. Doctor put me on a 6 month oral thrush tablet treatment. It's worked. I took it every week, even when I didn't have thrush.Mine was internal tho. Try using the cream every week, even when you don't have it?
Something is causing this, you need to try work out what it is. Boil was your underwear too, kills anything on them.

MiniMum97 Sat 05-Oct-19 01:37:20

Could be eczema. I had thrush that wouldn't go away. 2 GPs, a number of doctors at the local GU clinic, numerous courses of different thrush creams and oral thrush meds, a biopsy, and then a dermatologist took one look for about half a second and said it's seborrheic eczema.

Note that seborrheic eczema has a fungal element to it so the fungal meds seem to work or help but then it just comes straight back as soon as you stop them.

It is possible that if it was thrush you might need a different cream and there's a number of increasingly strong oral meds but if they swabbed and they was no thrush then it may well be eczema.

I keep mine under control with dermol that I use to wash with.

I would go to GU clinic for a full work up. If definitely no thrush ask for dermatology referral.

RedWineAllMine Sat 05-Oct-19 01:37:36

Boil wash**

Gingerkittykat Sat 05-Oct-19 01:39:26

Have you been tested for diabetes? I had thrush that wouldn't clear up and found that was the cause.

I seem to remember the GP prescribing several of the tablets to be taken regularly to combat it.

Can you try Canesten Hydrocortisone to work on the external itch?

EbonyOrchid Sat 05-Oct-19 01:48:48

I'll try boil washing, thank you

And @GingerKittyKat I've not been tested for diabetes no, and I'll look into that cream and give that a try. Thank you

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Balletgirl1 Sat 05-Oct-19 02:29:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Balletgirl1 Sat 05-Oct-19 02:32:19

Sorry this was meant for my own post! Didn’t mean to gatecrash

3luckystars Sat 05-Oct-19 02:32:41

Its sugar.

Seaweed42 Sat 05-Oct-19 09:36:42

I had what you both describe. It was a localised eczema. I was told thrush for years.. You need to get betnovate ointment from the GP. That stops it straightaway.

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