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7 Year Old with Broken Leg

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gordieracer Mon 13-Aug-07 14:25:19

My 7 year old has broken his leg, I've just come home for a break from the hospital,
anyone got any idea of what to ecpect, or any advice on surviving the next six weeks??

vole3 Mon 13-Aug-07 19:07:46

Make sure you know in advance when he is going to have any procedures done eg. repeat x-rays or plaster changes and ensure they give him adequate pain relief beforehand. No matter how gentle staff are, he will still be afraid of it being moved and fear causes him to tense up, hence things may hurt when they otherwise might not.
Also, if you can, slit his pants down the 'broken' side and replace the stitching with velcro. It will make him feel less exposed and make life easier for you. Forget about pyjama bottoms, a t-shirt in bed will do, just add a blanket over his lap once he's in a chair.

Milliways Tue 14-Aug-07 16:43:48

You can hire a wheelchair from the red cross.

DS broke his at age 9 but was sent home bandaged as a sprain! Got his plaster 4 days later and after 6 weeks was replaced with another plaster with a knee joint for a further 3 weeks!

We played every board game going, hired DVD's but went for walks & to school in the chair. He stayed in chair at school as he still fit under the desk. Signing the plaster is poular with friends.

Get a stool so he can balance his leg whilst in the loo!!

Good luck

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