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Any dentists? Wobbly tooth split in half

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Easilyflattered Fri 04-Oct-19 16:37:24

So dd age 10, had a dental check up just last week. She has a couple of wobbly milk teeth that have been hanging on for months, and once they're out she'll probably need braces to straighten her moderately crowded and very wonky top teeth. The dentist said he could extract these teeth but it would be better if she just wobbled them each day to encourage them to come out. Today one of them has split right through the tooth and the gum is bleeding a bit. Do I need to find an emergency dentist to remove the bits or will they eventually fall out anyway?

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usernom123123 Fri 04-Oct-19 19:51:45

The retained portion should eventually fall out by itself, if it's already wobbly. Keep encouraging her to wobble them out.

VividImagination Fri 04-Oct-19 21:34:18

This happened to Ds3. One half fell out then the other bit about a week later.

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