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Please help!!... I'm not pregnant but I get positive pregnancy tests?!?!

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Buffu39 Thu 03-Oct-19 19:03:31

I'm freaking out....for the last 3 to 4 months...iv been getting positive results on a pregnancy test. Iv had scans and blood tests I'm definitely not pregnant. I'm now on the pill...what could be causing this.please anyone? I take amitriptyline fluxotene and ramparil. Any help xx

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DeborahAnnabelToo Thu 03-Oct-19 19:14:26

What have the hcps carrying out the scans/blood tests said about it?

Buffu39 Thu 03-Oct-19 19:21:06

I had a scan and there was nothing there and the hcg was negative?! I'm lost now

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Mummy0ftwo12 Thu 03-Oct-19 20:24:28

Have you had a miscarriage?

BritInUS1 Thu 03-Oct-19 20:28:22

You need to ask your GP

aggitatedstate Thu 03-Oct-19 20:50:34

If you've had a miscarriage you will still get positives for a while.

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