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Sudden period with Mirena Coil?

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Cloudhopping Thu 03-Oct-19 15:45:28

Thanks all. Good to know I’m not the only one.

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Whatwaswrongwiththatusername Thu 03-Oct-19 12:31:32

Hi OP, am sorry to hear you're having 'problems', but I want you to know that I don't think you're alone in this and I'm hoping it'll help put your mind at ease knowing that it appears to not be unusual 'at our age'. Not that I can offer much help beyond empathy and sympathy.

I have/had the same. Similar age, 47, and on my third Mirena coil. Whereas with the past two, after the initial bleeding, my once extremely heavy periods (one of the main reasons for the coil) settled to very few/light and occasional spotting, this current one I've had far more bleeding and more frequent 'periods', which I don't think are all actually periods. I think I've had this one for about three years or so. Recently started with the sore boobs as well! So completely unlike any period related boob pain I may have had, and horribly relentless. Quite like having 30 angry, fire-breathing goblins hanging off my nipples! (Sorry, tmi!).

I too have put both of these down to my age, as it seems like a daft thing to bother the Gp with, as I have numerous other health issues. I feel it'll sort of be like how bad can boob pain really be?! (Answer: surprisingly bloody painful!). I have googled and read in a few places that the boob pain can be related to peri-menopause, as, obviously, can the change in bleeding. I also have/have had other gyne problems - PCOS, cysts, the pre-mentioned heavy bleeding etc - so again feel that there really isn't much point in seeing my Gp as it'll probably be put down to that/my age.

I've played about with some natural supplements (sage, soya isoflavones etc), but the pain in my saggy sad sacks is a much more recent symptom and if anyone has anything that has worked for them it would be great if you could share!

DancingWithDogs Thu 03-Oct-19 12:12:10

I'd get it checked. Maybe the position has changed, so making it less affective?
I'd always see the gp if bleed changed drastically.

Legomadx2 Thu 03-Oct-19 11:38:13

I get occasional random periods on it. I'm 46. Assume it's mad hormones.

Cloudhopping Thu 03-Oct-19 11:32:25

Just looking for others’ experiences. Have the Mirena for heavy periods. I had the first one for 5 years and this one for 2 years with no break. I get occasional spotting around the time of my period but generally nothing else... until recently!

Had a few days of spotting 2 weeks ago and then developed VERY sore boobs this weekend which I thought was odd and now have quite a heavyish period after 7 years of only light spotting.

Has anyone else experienced a sudden proper period after nothing for some years on the Mirena? I’m 48 so just wondering whether it’s my hormones going haywire.

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