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Ummmmm....can I ask about anal fissures...?!

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Tailfeather Wed 02-Oct-19 22:31:28

Have you had one? And how long did it take to heal? I've had one for about 2 months. It's SO painful. My GP has given me laxatives and a cream which has helped a bit.

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catsandkid Mon 04-Nov-19 11:47:55

Old post but... how are you getting on? I had suffered for 4 months after having DS 3 years ago but eventually it went away with a LOT of stool softeners, magnesium tablets and diet. I also tried Rectogesic and Diltiazem but unsure if either really worked or whether it was just time being the healer.

What did the Dr give you, and has it worked?

I'm currently suffering a relapse 3 years on. No where near as painful as the original one but still not a pleasant experience at all!

Tailfeather Wed 06-Nov-19 22:42:28

Hi! I've got softeners but as soon as I stop taking them I obviously rip open again. It's like passing razor blades. So painful and scary.

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Tailfeather Wed 06-Nov-19 22:43:07

Hope you get yours sorted before it gets too bad. X

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userxx Wed 06-Nov-19 22:56:34

I know people who have suffered with these so you have my sympathy.

RedDiamond Wed 06-Nov-19 23:00:45

I ended up having surgery on mine. Such a relief afterwards!

Mumma1984 Thu 07-Nov-19 08:24:38

I wish someone had told me about these during pregnancy to warn me! After an episiotomy and forceps I had one of these on and off for a few months and I was convinced I had bowel cancer!

Dreamer1989 Fri 08-Nov-19 16:58:42

Do you mind me asking which type of surgery you had? X

Smile18 Sat 09-Nov-19 01:11:11

Oh my gosh. You have my upmost sympathy! I too am suffering with this. It is slowly destroying me! My baby is 15 weeks old and my pain started when he was around two weeks old. It's no overreaction to say it's having a massive impact on my mental health too! I'm completely miserable with it. I've tried all sorts of creams and lactulose is my best friend. But still I'm in agony. I cry daily after every BM. Recently I've been applying sudocrem cream to mine and it's helped a bit. I did a post about this a few weeks ago so I totally understand your pain. It really is horrendous I would rather give birth again. Let me know any tips you may have. I hope you get sorted soon Hun. But your not alone. thanks

catsandkid Sun 10-Nov-19 07:54:28

I'm feeling okay the past few days. I've been using the Rectogesic ointment for 2 weeks now and it's helped a lot, so definitely go and ask for this if you haven't had it already. I can now BM without agony. I am still following up with a bath and going to continue using Rectogesic for few weeks as I know from past experience how delicate things are in the early healing phase and set backs happen all the bloody time!

I've been using 3 sachets Laxido/Movicol and a big dose of magnesium citrate supplements to get BM super super soft. Avoiding too much bread or beige foods. Eating lots of soups.

Really hoping this healing continues.

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