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Has anyone had similar?

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Ziggyzazoo Wed 02-Oct-19 22:03:26

At the end of June this year I had a bad cold and was left with a hoarse voice for 6 weeks and even now if I have been busy and talking a lot at work my voice goes.
I have also been getting a low grade fever (38) everyday but not all day. I feel absolutely exhausted but not sleeping amazingly. I've also got right upper abdo pain, kind of like when I had gallstones. Had my gallbladder out, so not that.
No weight loss, although apetite is less for last couple of weeks.
I've been seeing my GP. Basic bloods and glandular fever tests all normal, chest x- ray was normal.
My GP is convinced it is viral but has referred me to ENT for nasopharygoscopy to exclude other cause.
Can a non specific virus really go on for 3 months?
Thanks for reading. Just wish I knew what was going on. Really fed up with it now.

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Ziggyzazoo Thu 03-Oct-19 20:32:26


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