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Endoscopy can you breathe through mouth?

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Gogi1 Wed 02-Oct-19 18:47:41

I'm having an endoscopy next week and I'm really anxious about it because I have a deviated septum and rhinitis which means I struggle to breathe through my nose (I basically have year round sysmptms of a cold from allergies.) can you still breath through your mouth when having this procedure? I'm definitely opting for sedation too as I can see myself having a panic attack

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TheMustressMhor Wed 02-Oct-19 18:52:14

I've had loads of endoscopies and I also have a deviated septum.

I recommend that you have both the sedation and the spray to make your throat numb.

Definitely the best combination IME. And yes, you can breathe through your mouth. It isn't as bad as it seems.

Gogi1 Wed 02-Oct-19 19:10:43

Oh phewwww. I was really worried about not being able to breathe through my mouth. That's eased my thoughts on it.

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Mabelface Wed 02-Oct-19 19:17:08

If you're sedated, you won't know a thing. My last memory was the sedative being injected, then waking up afterwards.

NoSauce Wed 02-Oct-19 20:18:11

Please don’t worry. You won’t know anything about it because of the sedation, until you’re back on the ward.

LucieFurr Wed 02-Oct-19 20:21:52

You can breathe through your mouth, but I would definitely recommend the sedation. I struggle even with sedation as I’m constantly gagging, but it seems like I’m in the minority.

TheMustressMhor Wed 02-Oct-19 23:30:39

I didn't find the sedation knocked me right out.

But it definitely helped to make the procedure bearable.

WhatTiggersDoBest Thu 03-Oct-19 00:44:45

I had an endoscopy and was offered nothing at all to help. My gag reflex was going non-stop, I was choking between vomits and I was feeling sick and violated for ages after so definitely take whatever they offer you! I know someone else who felt very little and watched hers on a screen (at a different hospital/different consultant) so definitely take all the things to make it easier on your body. I'm not trying to alarm you I'm trying to let you know what I know now, which is that it doesn't have to be the way mine was!

IdblowJonSnow Thu 03-Oct-19 01:04:05

I've had one this week. They offered the spray but I told them I wanted sedation and got it.
Definitely get the sedation! It's quick and not too bad. If I had to have one again I wouldn't worry next time but would get sedation again.
And you can breathe through your mouth.
Hope it goes well. The throat spray was the oddest thing and I felt like I couldn't swallow but didn't feel like I couldn't breathe or anything.

TheMustressMhor Thu 03-Oct-19 02:13:21

You can have the spray and the sedation. I found it the best option.

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