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anyone else got dicky tum , I dont know what to eat

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melsy Mon 13-Aug-07 10:19:15

Had no brekky and feel bleurgh, hardly slept last night too. Cant stop going

LoveMyGirls Mon 13-Aug-07 10:27:09

dry toast?

Marina Mon 13-Aug-07 10:27:56

BRAT diet
banana, rice, apple, toast

melsy Mon 13-Aug-07 10:34:16

oohh yerr the wonderful brat diet !!! dont even fancy that feel ick .

melsy Mon 13-Aug-07 10:35:02

and Im sitting here organising the food for 3 parties !!! (ick face) !!!!

BellaBear Mon 13-Aug-07 10:35:55

plain boiled rice

coca cola or ginger ale(left to go a bit flat)or weak black sweet tea

(happened to me last week, only two things I could stomach)

melsy Mon 13-Aug-07 10:42:09

yer might be able to handle sweet black tea

BellaBear Tue 14-Aug-07 19:09:09

are you feeling better now?

melsy Tue 14-Aug-07 21:25:28

Thank you for asking, it is sort of better , I keep forgetting and eating all the most inappropriate stuff (prawn coctail, chinese) and then having to run for it !!!!!!!

I know I know BRAT DIET , but BLEURGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . The thought of plain rice ick ick!!!

BellaBear Wed 15-Aug-07 08:41:33

keep at it!

melsy Wed 15-Aug-07 08:42:50

its 4 days now and I feel the same , sooo hungry , cant bare the thought of toast with nothing on , is jam ok ? Need something sweet.

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