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Sorry TMI!!

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MrsMamaBear Wed 02-Oct-19 02:25:22

So.. sorry this is probably way too much info but I'm looking for advice on piles.
I first got them when I was pregnant (little one will be 2 at the end of December). I have two small bulging lumps on my anus that don't really bother me at all but the last week they ha e been very itchy. I googled piles and NHS direct said they normally go within a few days (clearly these haven't!) not sure what to do-don't really want to go to the doctor which I know is silly. Anyone know if I can get anything over the counter that works? Thanks

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123bananas Wed 02-Oct-19 02:34:18

Germoloids or if they become painful and enlarged then see GP for cream with steroid in to help reduce them.

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