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Fissures-what can I ask for

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Dreamer1989 Wed 06-Nov-19 07:57:11

Have you tried Movicol/Laxido?

catsandkid Mon 04-Nov-19 11:51:57

Hey - have you managed to heal the fissure? I see this post is a little old now.

I had a fissure after DD a few years ago. Took 4 months to heal up properly, and in that time I faced the frustration of a couple of weeks of it being ok and then bad again. I did try Rectogesic and Diltiazem though and like I say, I eventually healed, so def try those creams. It's a truly f*cking awful business so you have my sympathies.

I'm currently suffering another relapse (no where near as bad as original) and have got myself straight down the GP for Rectogesic again - I just can't face the thought of months of pain like last time so I'm praying this thing sods off quickly! So uncomfortable and hardly something that's easy to share with coworkers/friends etc

ImpeachTrump Tue 01-Oct-19 22:25:53

You need to ask for diltiazem cream to help heal the fissure. I had a fissure after a forceps delivery and suffered for months until I was finally prescribed this. I feel for you because I remember just how excruciating the pain was.

DannyWallace Tue 01-Oct-19 20:51:22

Hopeful bump x

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DannyWallace Tue 01-Oct-19 20:19:44

So, I've posted a few times before about this. But I need advice as it's ongoing.
Sorry this is long and TMI (and massively embarrassing!!)

I've suffered with anal fissures since my daughter was 6 weeks, so around 6 months now.

The vast majority of the time it's very uncomfortable, but sometimes (for a few days) feels ok, and sometimes (like now) is so agonising that I'm screaming in pain when I go to the toilet, take painkillers and have to lie down after. It makes my whole bottom feel like it's throbbing for hours after and I can't sit down for normally a few hours after (which makes BF my daughter or driving difficult!).

I've been given suppositories and laxatives. The issue is, I don't feel constipated. However my poo is very sticky (normal colour though). I've tried every diet change, position on the toilet etc that has been suggested previously. I use the suppositories but they suggest morning, night and after every bowel movement (so at least 3 a day for me). But they only ever prescribe a pack which will last less than a week at a time. But will prescribe more over the phone when I phone.
When I have had no pain for a few days I gradually cut down on suppositories, but then all of a sudden it starts again.

I'm back at the GP tomorrow and have waited 6 weeks for this appointment. I'm worried they just offer me more of the same. Is there anything else anyone can suggest I ask the GP for? I feel like this is starting to affect my mental health!

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