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UTI symptoms but test negative for infection and antibiotics didn't work

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shellshock Tue 01-Oct-19 15:11:56

Hi, first time poster here, looking for anyone with advice or who has been in a similar position

I developed UTI symptoms in the summer (needing to go to the loo more often, painful bladder, slight burning although not as bad as I have experienced in the past) which I tried to manage myself by drinking lots of water which was stupid. I guess the symptoms weren't that bad or I would have gone to the GP sooner.

Anyway, 3 weeks in, I went to the GP and did a urine sample which the nurse dipped and was given a 5 day course of MacroBid. After day 4 it was obviously not working so the doctor gave me a different prescription for Amoxicillin. The Amoxicillin didn't seem to be working either so after 5/6 days I called the GP again and was given another prescription for Amoxicillin and a urine sample sent to the lab.

The urine sample came back negative for UTI and the doctor is insisting that I don't have and didn't have an infection and has stopped the antibiotics. She did a vaginal swab (still waiting for the results) and another urine sample which came back as contaminated, so I need to do another one.

I'm running through the scenarios of bladder pain without a UTI and am getting quite worried. I'm not now experiencing the burning sensation in my urethra but do have bladder pain. Have any mumsnetters had experience of 2 different antibiotics not working and the lab test coming back negative? Thank you so much if you have read this far xx

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Ohbuggerlugs Tue 01-Oct-19 18:59:24

Hi Shellshock, sorry your going through this I know first hand how awful UTIs can be, and though I have had, and continue to have many of them, there has always been sight of an infection when tested.

Could it be a kidney issue? Have you tried a cystitis remedy? Eg Caneston? You can not get a self check kit from the likes of boots, I would probably go to a walk in for a second opinion. Hope you feel better very very soon x

Oranges23 Tue 01-Oct-19 19:51:22

Hiya, I’ve been dealing with the same thing for about 5 years, uti symptoms on and off even with no infection. I’m now after developing kidney pain, I had a dip test done the other day and no infection but blood in urine which he put down to being the end of my period but my urine always a strong smell to it, sometimes I feel bursting but only a small bit will come out, it’s very annoying I know what it’s like, I think I might have chronic cystitis which is when the bacteria is inside my bladder whether then outside where the urine is held. Have a look into this with your doctor x

shellshock Tue 01-Oct-19 20:26:46

Thanks so much for responding Ohbuggerlugs and Oranges23. Sorry to hear that you both suffer with this. I'll look into Chronic Cystitis...

I've had cystitis before, thankfully only a handful of times, (I'm late 40s) and it has always cleared up completely with antibiotics. That's why I'm a bit more concerned this time, as the drugs didn't work, plus I've had it about 7 weeks and now not on any treatment as my GP wouldn't prescribe different/more antibiotics.
Do your symptoms always go with antibiotics and if not, does it clear up by itself or is it always present to some degree?
Thank you xx

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nicecoldcanoftango Wed 02-Oct-19 10:52:00

It could be that the infection is deep in your bladder wall - go see a specialist, I suffered with this for over 4 years until I saw a specialist and now I'm fine - i was on antibiotics for 2 years until it finally went.

Try Dr Anderson at focus medical or Malone Lee in London.

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