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Anyone got some feedback on breast reduction.

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fakeblonde Sun 12-Aug-07 21:59:35

I am 5 3` and a size 10, with a breast size 34G.
While i`ve never liked having such big breasts i`d never go for cosmetic surgery just to look better.
However for years (and i mean years ) i have sufferred with a bad neck which resulted in a trapped nerve all down my left arm.
This year it has started down my right arm-about 70% of the time i have numbness pain pins and needless tingling ect dowm my arm amd into my fingers.It now interferes with everyday activities and interupts my sleep.
For the first time ever yesterday a friends husband gave me some acupressure.
He hit a spot right by my bra strap in my back.He was very subtle, but hinted that my rather large breasts could be the problem.
I am going for an MRI in a few months but now realise that my "neck " problems could actually be caused by my breasts.
I was asked if i sufferred from back problems recently when i was seeing a breast surgeon about something else-of course i proudly replied that my back was fab-which it has always seemed to be.
i have never thought that the 20 years of neck problems i have put up with could be associated.
I have been told i can have a reduction on the nhs because i am quite out of proportion but decided not to have major surgery just so i felt more comfortable with my body.
However if a breast reduction would really get rid of all the pain i have put up with in my neck and arms over the years i would seriously consider it.
I know 3 people who have had it done-2 were pleased and 1 lost a nipple .
It would be great to hear from other people who have decided to go ahead-or not - for whatever reason.
Thanks x

deegward Sun 12-Aug-07 22:05:42

Had a reduction, I think 17 yrs ago now, quite badl scarred, but ws very happy with outcome.

Loved having normal sized boobies, unfortunately had it pre kids, and have put on weight over the years and am now a 34H!!! Can't remember what I was pre op, but not this big. Found it hard to breast feed, and when met now dh felt had to explain scars.

Would still recomend someone to have op, although have found rigby & peller and bravissimo so now wear bras that fit properly, and I think this helps.

Sorry, you have so much pain HTH

crokky Sun 12-Aug-07 22:08:30

My friends sister had a reduction, as did her mother, both due to back problems. Both very happy with it, sorry don't know more details. Perhaps better to do after had kids?

suwoo Sun 12-Aug-07 22:30:13

Yep, I consider breast reduction one of my fields of expertise. I was 19(12.5 yrs ago) and a size 8/10 with 30HH breasts. I am actually still a 30E, but that is in proportion to my size 10 frame. I had my op on the NHS after passing all their psycho tests as my boobs and the issues that they bought with them caused me to be severely fucked up. Yes, the scarring can be severe, mine was but is OK now, but for me, it was worth it without question. You know if you want/need don't need to post here, go with what you feel inside. Feel free to email me

fakeblonde Sun 12-Aug-07 22:34:03

i didn`t realise they could grow back !
I`ve had 3 children and couldn`t entirely rule out a 4th in a year or so, so would def wait until then.
Where have you got scars ?
Do you think they are more discreet now ?

thanks for reply.Did the back probs actually resolve.I just worry that after all this time the damage is already done . I usually pay a good £30 for my bra`s but have never been to bravo ? Its around where the bra fits under ribcage that i feel it and then mostly my shoulders and neck.

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