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Kellilisa Mon 30-Sep-19 14:06:18

I’m a 38 year old previously had period issues 2011, I had endometriosis and had that removed then the lining of my womb burnt away! For the past 10 months my periods are lasting 11 to 19 days and I’m having them more than I’m free of periods I found a lump on the left side had various test and scan and they can’t find anything but can feel it! When I press the lump the whole of my stomach swells but mostly on the left and I look 6months pregnant but then I start with backache and can spot..... I have the gynaecologist this week and I’m going to ask for total removal (hysterectomy) I have 4 children the oldest 17 youngest 13 so have no desire for anymore children do you think this would be considered!

I currently have no quality of life I go to the shop and need to get changed, I work in a nursery and can’t do playground duty, I’m constantly tired and low mood.

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