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Lump inside mouth doctor or dentist

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RingtheBells Mon 30-Sep-19 07:07:50

Depending on the cause what they do, hopefully they will drain it for you or give you antibiotics.

Adviceplease1986 Mon 30-Sep-19 06:55:43

Thank you I've been taking pain relief but nothing is working I have an appointment tomorrow at dentist so fingers crossed, do you know what they do to treat it?

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RingtheBells Mon 30-Sep-19 01:32:06

Sounds like an abscess or gum boil I’m suffering one at the moment, I would see the dentist and see if you can get an earlier appointment, my abscess started suddenly on Saturday afternoon and is quite painful, hence why I am up now to take yet more ibuprofen. It may burst then you will have some relief

Adviceplease1986 Sun 29-Sep-19 20:51:55

I have a lump top on the outside of gum near cheek it appeared suddenly and is quite big and firm to the touch. Very painful painkillers don't help at all. I can't get a dentist appointment for a few days as they are booked up but was wondering if a doctor could deal with it as it isn't a tooth problem as such.

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