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Dental advice please

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andyoldlabour Sun 29-Sep-19 12:20:49

My wife has a cap which has fallen out, the trouble is, this is the third time in 18 months. We have had to pay for the previous two times, but is this normal? At the same dental practice, I had two instances of temporary fillings coming out quickly - one after just half an hour and the other after two days.

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HuaShan Sun 29-Sep-19 15:33:53

Not a dentist but I have 2 crowns one upper one lower. neither has falled out in 15 years. I also have a crown in an implant -this does fall out once a year but the dentist explained it is partially because I grind my teeth and partly because it is fixed with temporary cement to enable access to the impant should it ben needed rather than permanent like other crowns.

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