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Help! We have nits! Any treatments recommended for eczma sufferer and 6th month expectant mum?

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estobi1 Sun 12-Aug-07 18:13:05

We have just found that my 2 1/2 year old has nits and have bought a treatment for her which I proposed to use tonight (fun fun!) She has been suffering from a bad bout of eczma though recently which a hydrocortizone has just cleared up and I am worried about this causing another bout. The product I have bought is Lyclear.

I was planning on doing my head as well as I feel quite itchy and to be safe I wanted to ensure that I haven't got them. However the packaging says that pregnant mothers should seek medical advice before using. My GP is closed as it is sunday, I can't go and buy anything else and the idea of going to work with them tomorrow is horrible. Does anyone have any knowledge about whether I can use this? I was thinking about NHS direct but I don't want to be a complete p*taker wasting resources.

Any thoughts?

SlightlyMadSpider Sun 12-Aug-07 18:15:46

Buy a Nitty Gritty comb from boots for £10.

AFAIK it is the only product on the market to get rid of the eggs.

Chemical treatments are nowhere near as effective. Just use you standard conditioner and comb them out. You should do this at least every 4 days for 2 weeks.

Reallytired Sun 12-Aug-07 23:44:22

Use conditioner and fine tooth comb the hair. It helps to put loads of condtioner on your hair and leave it on all night. Then fine tooth comb and wash out in the morning.

I imagine that some thick emoliant like aqueous cream might kill the nits. Although I have never tried it.

You need to repeat every night until the nits are gone.

You can always ask your pharmaist. They are often more knowledgable about over the counter products than gps.

sparkler Sun 12-Aug-07 23:46:13

I'm another one who agrees with the repetitive conditioner comb throughs until the head is clear. Even check through every couple of weeks when hair is clear just to keep on top of it.

southeastastra Sun 12-Aug-07 23:51:19

not sure what effect it would have with eczma but hedrin is a good non chemical treatment. it coats the hair with heavy oil that drowns the things and you wash it out the next day.

wishingchair Mon 13-Aug-07 11:03:09

I was b/f when me and DD1 got nits so couldn't use anything. I used the nitty gritty comb on wet hair with lots of conditioner. Worked ...

scienceteacher Mon 13-Aug-07 11:07:19

Use a silicone based treatment such as Hedrin or Full Marks solution. You have to do it twice - the first time, and again a week later. With a 2 year old, you should be able to eradicate it in one go, as you can control the number of nitty kids she comes in contact with.

And keep combing, and keep long hair tied back.

suwoo Mon 13-Aug-07 11:07:30

Nitty Gritty comb!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING else works IMO

geekgirl Mon 13-Aug-07 11:07:55

I really like the bug busting kit - IMO the bug busting combs are better than the Nitty Gritty one (which I also have), they don't snag and you can see what you get out much better. The kit includes a nit comb for getting out the eggs (works v. well).

Tried Hedrin last week - what a faff compared with bug busting. And the silicone completely matted dd2's hair - took an hour to untangle despite having been washed twice afterwards.

FlossALump Mon 13-Aug-07 11:13:06

Ohh, poor you. I had this a month or so ago. No idea where they came from. Ds seemed to be clear. I was pg too, so went to pharmacy for advice. I was given hedrin. It isn't a pestacide, it is a form of sillicone and is safe for using during pg. I'd have also thought it wouldn't upset your DD's excema. But ask pharmacist. You apply it overnight and then again the following week. We certainly seem to be clear of the horrid little things now. Good luck!

ChristmasPud Mon 13-Aug-07 11:16:25

Neem oil - is used in shampoo to get rid of nits and in cream to help with Eczema so could be useful. It's safe to use on babies and children so would imagine is safe during pregnancy too.

You can get them from.

They're really helpful and you can e-mail/phone them for further information.

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