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Blood clotted fast

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Chocolateaddict1 Sun 29-Sep-19 09:13:13

I just did a finger prick to get a blood sample into one of those smaller blood bottles. Tiny little ones. It said I had to fill the bottle up with blood to the number 6 mark. I managed to squeeze out enough blood to reach the number four mark however I literally picked out a blood clot as I couldn’t get anymore blood out of my finger for the sample. So I filled it to the 4 marker only. I scraped the clot onto the edges of the bottle to see what it was and was wondering is it normal for blood to create a ball of blood clot within seconds after the cut? It’s almost like it was trying to block the cut off so no more blood could leak out, must admit it was fascinating to see how our bodies can protect us. Was brilliant to watch but is that a normal time frame? I managed to drop about 4-5 drops of blood when I probs needed 8. So 5 drops of blood from my finger and it started clotting?

Thanks guys

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