Is it really ok for this to wait till Monday? Sudden blurred vision in one eye

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BurpingFrog Sat 28-Sep-19 20:38:07

Hi everyone, my mum (60s, generally fit and well) is currently abroad in Mallorca.

She has had sudden onset blurred vision in one eye, described as being like looking through a piece of gauze.

I don't have all the details but she presented to the local town emergency dept (a clinic not a hospital) today and they took blood pressure, seemed confident it wasn't a stroke, and sent her to A&E in a hospital in the capital city.

All patients from small town are allocated this hospital (which is one of two) but the it doesn't have any eye specialists. (The other one does.)

She was therefore sent away and given an appointment for Monday morning at the hospital which DOES have eye specialists.

I'm concerned she shouldn't be waiting this long. As far as I know, UK advice is to make an urgent appointment for sudden vision loss. Nobody has been able to look at the back of her eye or anything like that.

I feel a bit useless being far away but am wondering whether I should be getting her home (but should she even by flying?) or finding a private eye clinic. She has travel insurance.

I had a retinal detachment myself about ten years ago so am maybe extra cautious.

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Diamond25 Sun 29-Sep-19 02:49:09

I remember my father in law had something similar when he visited us. He said he felt like he was looking through a cob web and kept trying to brush it away from his eye. We made an an appointment with an optician and it was covered under his travel insurance. They said it was a floater. He didn’t have any treatment.
Could it be a migraine? That can cause vision loss?

Doryhunky Sun 29-Sep-19 04:37:00

I am not a doctor but I think you are right to be concerned about retinal detachment. A quick google also brought on macular hole
Trouble is, I am not sure where she could find a specialist on Sunday. Once she is in the uk, if need London, moorfields has an excellent specialist a and e

Kahu Sun 29-Sep-19 05:12:11

Temporal arteritis commonly affects women of this age and can cause vision loss if not treated promptly. Symptoms can include previous headaches or jaw pain before any vision problems.
And as pp have mentioned retinal detachment needs immediate treatment.

She should be seen by a hospital that can do the appropriate scans / tests ASAP.

Doryhunky Sun 29-Sep-19 05:56:19

I should have made clear that moorfields is a specialist eye hospital

BurpingFrog Sun 29-Sep-19 08:04:34

Thank you all very much. Do any of you happen to know if it would be ok for her to fly home with a detached retina/macular hole/temporal arteritis?

I feel she will get quicker treatment if she comes back as I know we have a local eye casualty open on Sundays.

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Doryhunky Sun 29-Sep-19 09:55:20

I suggest you call moorfields and see if they can advise


Shacklebrush1 Thu 06-Feb-20 15:28:35

Hi Burping Frog.
My Mum (also in her 80’s) has got something very similar. My Mum has been to A&E three times and waiting to see a specialist. Would you mind telling me Hat the outcome was for your Mum. Many thanks,

underneaththeash Fri 07-Feb-20 09:43:50

@Shacklebrush1 - have A&E suggested what may be causing your Mum's visual loss? There's quite a few eye conditions in the elderly that could be the cause and the outcome depends on what it is. Ophthalmologists are very specialised these days - which clinic has she been booked into?

Common conditions which cause unilateral visual loss in the elderly include: Central retinal artery occlusion, central retinal vein occlusion, wet macula degeneration, AION, retinal detachment.

Shacklebrush Fri 07-Feb-20 13:32:47

Thanks so much for your reply. She’s been back again today as it’s getting worse (she has insight in her right eye anyway hence the worry). They have reassured her that it looks like an inflammation problem and her appointment at the Neurological Ophthalmology on the 18th should be able to be more definitive in their assessment, and hopefully, should be able begin treatment. I don’t live close by and my brother has been great taking her today and I going up on the 17th so will take notes. Thanks again for your reply.

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