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Endoscopy next week. Could I have some reassurance

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quiteathome Sat 28-Sep-19 09:32:50

I have been referred for an endoscopy via the two week pathway. Due to swallowing issues.

I am freaking out slightly (a lot). And trying not to Google. When I Google it gets really scary.

Will it be better to be sedated for the procedure? And what should I expect. (I have never had to have anything like this before.)

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YouveCatToBeKittenMe Sat 28-Sep-19 09:48:56

Dh has regular endoscopys to monitor a long term condition relating to reflux and he also signed up to do it for research
He always has sedation now as when he’s tried the local anaesthetic throat spray he always fights it and the doctors recommended he doesnt try it again
He often has a sore throat the next day but the whole procedure takes about 15 mins, however he’s usually there for 2 hours including the initial assessment and recovery. He’s quite a wimp with medical procedures and faints at the drop of a hat so I always leave him in recovery longer than is the norm I would think

thatmustbenigelwiththebrie Sat 28-Sep-19 09:50:47

I had one recently and was sedated. I remember absolutely nothing but the nurse told me I freaked out and tried to hit her when she inserted it so clearly I wasn't unconscious. Apart from feeling bad for the nurse I don't mind as I have no memory

quiteathome Sat 28-Sep-19 12:17:23

Thank you

Will opt for sedation

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nellyitsme Sat 28-Sep-19 22:57:07

I've had it twice for swallowing and choking problems both times without sedation as I didn't want to be hanging around the hospital for too long afterwards. I had the spray on the back of my throat. I was very nervous and thought I'd gag on the tube as it went in - I did gag and it felt uncomfortable and you can definitely feel it in your oesophagus. Everyone was so calm and reassuring even stroking my hair so I felt calmer. I felt a pinching gripping pain inside me when they took some biopsies. I could see it all on the monitor screen too. The 2nd time was easier, maybe because I knew what they were going to do this time or maybe because my oesophagus wasn't inflamed this time. I had inflammation of the oesophagus and a suspected ulcer with a hiatus hernia and acid reflux. I would opt for the throat spray again if I had another endoscopy

kissmelittleass Sun 29-Sep-19 00:38:12

I had a gastroscopy last summer, I was as nervous as anything no one could of been as scared as me I nearly walked out of the waiting area!! I could not of done it without sedation no way! I was given the throat spray and a drug was administered through my vein and I was out for the count! Don't remember a thing, all I remember is waking up on a trolley coughing and a nurse telling someone I was coughing a lot . I was very sleepy for about 2-3 days after and had a sore throat for a few days.
I wouldn't hesitate if I had to have it done again I would not be scared of the procedure because I knew nothing about it. My advice is opt for the sedation and you'll be fine. Good luck

Pantsomime Sun 29-Sep-19 00:43:27

You can’t be alone overnight after sedation- or drive/ care for DCs - if these are not a problem go for sedation. Throat spray is uncomfortable but ok- you can feel the air they pump in which makes you burp for while afterwards

Egghead68 Sun 29-Sep-19 01:26:29

I will be honest here. I had one, they said I would have sedation but then they were in a hurry and didn’t give the sedation any time to work and just pinned me down when I tried to protest. One of the worst experiences of my life. The staff weren’t remotely nice either - they just seemed to want to get me in and out. When I complained they just said I’d “misremembered” and that their documentation said the sedative had had 5 mins to work (all not true).

Definitely have sedation (don’t even contemplate it without). And make sure they allow at least 5 mins for it to work, as per the NICE guidelines. I think the sedation has different effects on different people and different centres use different amounts. This results in varying degrees of consciousness but you should at least feel relaxed and unable to worry. If they give the sedation time to work I am sure you will be fine.

Two things I wasn’t told beforehand but which would have helped are that (a) it is very quick (around 5 minutes max) and (b) you will be able to breathe through your nose so try to zone out and concentrate on that.

Good luck. I hope you have an OK experience and can treat yourself to something nice afterwards.

Egghead68 Sun 29-Sep-19 01:40:41

As for what to expect, you may have a cannula inserted in your hand beforehand and your blood pressure and temperature will be checked. You’ll then walk into the room and probably some spray sprayed in your throat (you will be asked to swallow some of it). If you haven’t got a cannula one will be inserted and they will give you some midazolam. They will put a plastic thing in your mouth to stop you biting the endoscope. You’ll then lie on your left side with your left arm across your chest and your right arm straight along your body. You will be asked to close your eyes and keep swallowing. They will insert the endoscope which is like a black hosepipe, which makes many people gag. You may be asked to keep swallowing while they push it down into your stomach and duodenum although in your case, they may not need to do this if they are just looking at swallowing issues. An assistant may hold your head still or press down on your body. If you want to and are conscious enough you will be able to see the images on the screen. They will root around a bit and then pull the endoscope out. You will be wheeled into recovery where they will take your blood pressure and, after they are happy that things are OK, the cannula will be removed and you will be able to go home accompanied by someone else. You might feel a bit woozy or detached until the evening and your throat might be a bit sore.

DramaAlpaca Sun 29-Sep-19 01:43:13

Go for the sedation. It'll be fine, all being well you won't remember a thing.

Glitterybelle Sun 29-Sep-19 09:55:37

I had an endoscopy recently.. it is totally fine! I had it without sedation because couldn't be bothered wasting my day feeling 'off'
Just breathe deeply and try to relax. When the little tube goes in, the doc will tell u to swallow. Make sure to keep swallowing it down.
I wretched 3 times in total and that was only when it was at the bottom and twisting about.
They did a biopsy and couldn't feel that.
Its not the nicest feeling but it's totally fine. If I'd to do one tomorrow i wouldn't worry. The nurses also are lovely and one gave me her hand to squeeze throughout.
Lasted a few minutes in total. I didn't really have a sore throat after.
Hope this helps. I was mega nervous before mine too xxx

AnnaMagnani Sun 29-Sep-19 10:01:01

Everyone on Mumsnet has sedation. When I went for mine, I was all set to have sedation but it was obvious that no-one else in the waiting room was having it, even for colonoscopies, so I felt like a wuss and just had the throat spray.

It was fine. Not the most fun way to spend a morning but fine. If I had to have one again I'd do without the throat spray as it is weird but you just do as you are told, everyone is very kind and supportive.

Best bit about no sedation is you get your results then and there, can remember them and drive yourself home.

Egghead68 Sun 29-Sep-19 10:07:35

I think people vary greatly in their ability to tolerate it without sedation.

I would go for the sedation, OP.

quiteathome Sun 29-Sep-19 21:30:22

Thank you all. Lots to think about.

I will see what I feel like when I get there. My husband is taking me up and back so I am all sorted for that side of things.

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MrsEricBana Sun 29-Sep-19 21:34:41

Have had 3. My advice is DEFINITELY have the throat spray and sedation and all will be fine. Hope you get reassuring results.

quiteathome Mon 30-Sep-19 19:49:53

Decided to go for sedation. It was OK. The waiting around did not help the nerves

Apparently I have gastritis. (I don't have any if the other symptoms of that) I just choke on foods.

However as I had scared myself into thinking I had cancer I think I am happy. Need to go to GP to arrange medication. However wondering if dietary changes will sort it out.

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honeyrider Mon 30-Sep-19 20:19:13

I had a gastroscopy the week before last and should be getting the results of the bioposies some time this week. I was being checked for coeliac disease. I went to a private hospital because it was only 10 days wait to have it unlike going via the HSE which has over a year's waiting list.

The consultant was lovely and explained everything before I was taken down for the procedure. He told me it would take around 5 mins. I had the sedation and remember nothing after the mouth piece was inserted and something shoved in my mouth until I was being wheeled out of the room. The consultant came into recovery afterwards and told me I've got gord.

nellyitsme Mon 30-Sep-19 20:37:43

@quiteathome Glad it's done. I get bouts of gastritis and had difficulty swallowing food and choking on it - I was diagnosed with an inflamed and ulcerated oesophagus and reflux and a hernia. I was convinced I had cancer too and even when I was told I hadn't I thought people were keeping it a secret from me.

This is the advice I got from the hospital
Eat smaller regular meals
Don’t miss meals
Chew properly and relax
Dont drink with a meal
Don’t eat heavy large meals
Don’t eat highly spiced acidic foods
Keep a food and symptom diary to find your triggers
Reduce weight if need to
And try to follow a Mediterranean, low carb diet

quiteathome Tue 01-Oct-19 19:27:56

Thank you. I will follow that advice.

I need to get back to planning meals better. Things have slipped recently.And make sure diet is reasonable.

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nellyitsme Tue 01-Oct-19 20:36:23

you're welcome. Not planning meals and eating too much rubbish foods and ready meals - while we were having some building work and had no kitchen I think was a trigger to my digestive issues

Oh, I almost forgot to say, I drink kefir daily and have lots of live natural yogurt

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