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Is this just teething or should I be worried?

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mumtodd Sun 12-Aug-07 12:45:30

Hi, my dd is 15 months and her teeth have been very slow in coming. At 11 months she got her two little bottom teeth with no bother and then nothing for months. In the last couple of days her two top teeth have come through but she has been so miserable. Her temperature has been up and down since Thursday and she has no appetite at all. She is chewing on everything and pointing to her mouth so she is definitly teething but is the temperature a part of this or should I take her to the doctor just in case? She doesn't have a cough or cold or anything.

uberalicelongbottom Sun 12-Aug-07 12:47:30

Sounds normal to me. My DS has just had his first spell of teething and he's had all of those symptoms. Perhaps you were just lucky with the first ones.

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