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How long to feel better with cellulitis........

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Span1elsRock Fri 27-Sep-19 14:04:13

I got badly bitten by an insect overnight (christ knows what) and woke up Wednesday morning with 3 huge itchy bites on my arm and one on my leg. By Thursday morning, they'd come up as huge red pulsing lumps and very hot to the touch, with around 4" of skin all around them rock hard and swollen. I got an appointment with a nurse at my surgery who diagnosed cellulitis, and gave me Doxycyline (100mg a day), telling me to double dose for the 1st day. I'm allergic to quite a lot of antibiotics so Doxycycline is the default I'm always given.

I've had to stay home today as my leg especially is pulsing, really hot and angry to touch but the swelling/redness hasn't got any worse. My arm is more swollen but the redness has reduced.

The nurse told me to give it 48 hours for a sign of improvement but my god the itching/pain is testing my pain threshold...........

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Egghead68 Fri 27-Sep-19 17:03:33

I got it on Monday after a horsefly bite Saturday. It started to go down after 1 day on clarithromycin and has nearly gone now.
Did you draw a line round it so you can see if it is shrinking in response to the abs? If not, might be worth doing. I was told to go back to GP if it didn’t respond within 48 hours and I think you should go back. Not to scare you but if the infection spreads it can be life-threatening.

Egghead68 Fri 27-Sep-19 17:04:39

P.s. I was told to take paracetamol and antihistamines alongside the antibiotics.

Egghead68 Fri 27-Sep-19 17:06:41

Sorry - meant to say I think you should go back if no response in 48 hours.
It’s very painful isn’t it.

Span1elsRock Fri 27-Sep-19 17:06:53

That's reassuring that yours went relatively quickly - I've drawn round my leg as that seems the worst and will see someone tomorrow if it's no better. Thanks.

I'm thinking mine must have been a horsefly too.

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Egghead68 Fri 27-Sep-19 17:09:46

Great. Over the counter antihistamines should help with the itching and paracetamol with the pain.
I hope you feel better soon.

ParentsPleaseBehave Fri 27-Sep-19 17:12:07

Make sure you elevate your leg. Take care.

Egghead68 Fri 27-Sep-19 17:13:08

Yes and I found cold packs helpful.

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 27-Sep-19 17:16:16

I agree with egghead about 48hrs
Bramble scratch on top foot got me on a Saturday
Swollen up like elephants foot Sunday
Antibiotics started Monday,I felt bit more human by the Wednesday(clorithrymicin)sweeping completely down by the took four days to stop itching/heat completely.i found raising foot and cool towel on it stopped me scratching at it and soothed it loads.sending massive sympathies

Windygate Fri 27-Sep-19 17:27:20

My DM is very prone to cellulitis, the antibiotics seem to take 48 hours to really kick in. Dr told me to also give her an antihistamine tablet, which does seem to help.

Span1elsRock Sat 28-Sep-19 15:53:38

Thanks all for your reassurance. I ended up going to OOH GP last night as leg was so painful, but they were quite happy that the antibiotics are doing their thing (they said to keep doubling the dose and gave me another pack) and that the swelling is OK given the size of the original bites. I've had my leg up now for nearly 2 days which has massively helped, and the itch is under control with some cream that they also gave me last night.

I've also bought a very large bottle of insect repellent!

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Egghead68 Sat 28-Sep-19 21:04:58

Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better.

Solitarycaddis Sat 28-Sep-19 21:08:10

Glad things are improving op!

Threads like this make me feel worried about when abs don't work any more! Hopefully something will have replaced them by then.

Egghead68 Sun 29-Sep-19 01:15:01

Or not.

AnnaMagnani Sun 29-Sep-19 10:34:09

It's unlikely it is cellulitis but very likely you are allergic to whatever bit you.

Get some anti-histamines in you.

When looking at them cellulitis and dramatic allergic reactions to insect bites look exactly the same and it is common for people to be given antibiotics either to be on the safe side or because the prescriber just isn't aware how v rare cellulitis from an insect bite is.

However to get 4 separate areas of cellulitis from 4 separate insects is practically impossible - it would take 4 separate infections - you have had a dramatic looking allergic response to the bites which is now subsiding by itself.

Worth knowing as if you get bitten again, you are likely to have exactly the same again (or worse) so keep some anti-histamine in stock at all times and use mosquito repellent.

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