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Are/could these be related?

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YummyBelicious Thu 26-Sep-19 23:25:26

I've had bits and bobs wrong with me on and off for years.
Waking with pain in toes and fingers that eases within and hr or so, and sometimes I wake up with a lower back ache that's so intense that dreams are about trying to cure the backache (!). As soon as I get up though its pretty much gone.
I get numbness and tingling in my face and hands randomly and my hands sometimes go ice cold.
Recently too the skin on my back is sometimes disproportionately painful. I could cry and fall to floor from itching it. It's honestly that painful.

Could these be related?

I'm fairly fit and healthy otherwise and I'm early 30s.
Have had bloods done for rhematoid arthritis but came back negative

Will post in autoimmune board too maybe?

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FLOrenze Fri 27-Sep-19 08:36:53

I had this. It it cleared up after visiting an Osteopath. He recommended som exercises and did some massage and manipulation. He recommended a GP appointment and I had X rays too from GP who sent me to physio . Since doing the exercises lots of my symptoms are easier.

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