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Very anxious-erythema nodosum

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Dazedandlump1 Thu 26-Sep-19 17:24:10

I’m in a bit of an anxious state at the moment, since having children I really worry about health issues.
Basically I found a hard, painful lump on my shin (weirdly I often get one here so it could be related), I just assumed I’d banged my leg off something. Then last night I noticed two more lumps , one on the other shin which is softer and then one on the side of my leg which is also soft.
I went to the dr today and they seem to think it’s erythema nodosum. She was really reassuring and told me that in more than half the cases it’s not caused by anything or in other cases it can be caused by pregnancy, the pill , crohns, ibd and Sarcoidosis . I’m not pregnant or on the pill and I don’t seem to have bowel issues. I know it can be a reaction to a viral infection and I have had one recently.
Thing is I’ve googled and it’s confirmed what she has said but also mentioned more serious associations. It’s just a weird one as it’s rare and she was surprised as I’m not on any medication as it can be a reaction to some. She also took loads of bloods which is really good practice to cover everything but has made me a bit nervous..
I am run down as I have young kids and one frequent waker so I do feel tired but nothing excessive. I exercise every second day and run regularly.
I know it’s good it’s being investigated but just hoping someone else on here may have some experience of this. I tend to go to worst case scenario straight away and I don’t have any one in RL to talk to about it really.

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BirdsInTheAttic Thu 26-Sep-19 20:22:18

I have had this - in my case it took months for it to be properly diagnosed as Erythema Nodusum (by which point it had disappeared, it lasted about 3 months in total)
As soon as it was recognised as E.N, I was sent for a chest X-ray to explore the possibility of sarcoidosis. I found it all a bit surreal really, since apart from the rash and slightly sore joints, I didn’t feel ‘ill’ at all!
Chest X-ray showed ‘something’, so they investigated further with a CT scan, and ultimately decided it is sarcoidosis, but currently has no symptoms and requires no treatment (along the way I’ve had a full mot! Lung function, bloods, ecg, the works).
I know I’m lucky - it may never ever flare up again. And from my (non expert) reading around it, apparently sarcoidosis that comes on suddenly and accompanied by erythema nodusum, tends to be the self-limiting type that disappears.
This might be all totally different to your experience, but I didn’t want you to go unanswered and it might be useful to know that the rash, even if it is a sign of ‘something’ might not be too serious.

Dazedandlump1 Thu 26-Sep-19 21:00:33

Thanks for your response. I have had a viral thing recently, high temps etc and then the lumps appeared. One of them has completely disappeared tonight so I’m a baffled. I was more concerned about a link to cancer.
I think I was just quite unnerved as it seems quite unusual and rare. I have some anxiety around health so hate finding new things but also need to accept that it’s life.
Weirdly I have a memory of having really swollen, hard lumps on my legs as a child but my mum assuming they were bites. They feel exactly the same as now...
Was just interested to hear from others who might have some experience of this.

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BirdsInTheAttic Thu 26-Sep-19 21:20:33

Poor you, it is horrible when you don’t know what’s going on, it sounds like your GP is quite on the ball which is a good thing. Did she say when you should expect results from the blood test?

Nunyabusiness Wed 16-Oct-19 17:35:49


I'm currently awaiting test results following a diagnosis of erythema nodosum so it's good to see I'm not alone!

Chest X Ray and bloods done on Monday, definitely not pregnant and not on any medication so let's see what turns up...

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