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First jabs - how are babies meant to react?

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flightattendant Sun 12-Aug-07 06:51:40

Ds (8wks) had his on Friday. He cried most of the night but didn't feel hot. Yesterday he chucked up most of his feeds (am Bf-ing on demand) and cried with a sort of hoarse voice. He slept better last night but is very snuffly now, I think he has a cold.

Do you think this is all due to the injections, or is he just a bit unfortunate to have a cold right now? I haven't got one and neither has Ds1 (4) so it seems just to be little one. I had a vague idea that tiny babies don't really get colds, if they are breastfed etc?

Poor ickle fing

ProfYaffle Sun 12-Aug-07 07:04:07

My dd2 is 24 weeks, exclusively bf but had a cold a week or so ago. I then got it myself a day or two later (maybe I was incubating it and passed it to her?) so it's possible.

flightattendant Sun 12-Aug-07 07:11:05

Ah thankyou professor! I think I have forgotten everything there is to know about babies, somehow, in the last 4 years!

Hope you're feeling better

ProfYaffle Sun 12-Aug-07 07:13:39

We're fine now thanks

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