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Raised Prolactin

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1990fran Thu 26-Sep-19 09:56:44

Hi all

I had blood tests at hospital because I have been ttc for nearly a year after a miscarriage in September last year. blood tests showed I was fine, and ovulating as normal however my prolactin levels are high, not in the thousands I am sure she said about 600 and normal range is about 400? I could have that wrong she said its not a major cause for concern but she is referring me to hospital for testing. I so get headaches but I work in front of a screen all day with no glasses so that doesn't help, she asked if I was producing milk... I said no and no double vision.

does anyone know what happens next, what further tests are done at the hospital etc?

I have read things online and a lot of people say that stress can cause high levels of prolactin, and I am a very stressed person, so first thing is first I have to change my diet, start exercising etc.

I am guessing this is a reason for infertility, my DH got a sperm test and that came out fine.

please does anyone have any positive stories on this?

thank you

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