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Injured thumb, is it healing okay? (With pictures)

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StoatofDisarray Wed 25-Sep-19 21:41:52

Sorry about that! I will ask mumsnet to delete the false start...

I accidentally pushed a scalpel and some of the its handle through my thumb about month ago. I had stitches in one side of the wound which have now been taken out, and the other side was held closed with Steri-Strips because it was a very oblique cut.

I changed the dressing tonight and took the Steri-Strips off. The thumb seems quite swollen, and it's numb too. Does it look okay? It was infected at one point and I took antibiotics for it but that was in the first week. I wonder if maybe I'm dressing it too tightly and that's making it swollen. Does anyone have any advice?

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Heartofglass12345 Wed 25-Sep-19 22:13:42

It does look a bit swollen but it's clean and dry which is a good start. Is it hot or anything? Maybe leave the dressing off and keep an eye on it

StoatofDisarray Wed 25-Sep-19 22:55:00

It's warm swollen and numb... I'm worried about catching it on things so I've covered it up but done the dressing a bit looser this time. Thank you for your thoughts!

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Heartofglass12345 Thu 26-Sep-19 22:29:49

Ah yeah that's probably a good idea, I always find it a pain when washing your hands though. How did you hurt it?

StoatofDisarray Fri 27-Sep-19 20:44:09

I was trimming the sprue from a D&D miniature and wasn't paying attention. I was trying to force through a tough bit and the scalpel and part of its handle went through my thumb and out the other side. My own fault completely!

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Heartofglass12345 Sat 28-Sep-19 23:23:15

Ouch! shock

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