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Partner's Snoring and My Bad Sleeping

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fonxey Wed 25-Sep-19 04:56:09

Ok I'll try to keep this short. (Just read it back, failed. Tdlr: boyfriend snores, i used to be able to sleep through it, since moving to a different area of England, now i can't. Am pregnant, can't sleep anyway, soon will be kissing sleep goodbye fur the next few years anyway. Why has my sleep changed since moving house? I think he snores more since moving but might just be me sleeping less... Maybe bit of birth. What to do?)

The long version!

My oh doesn't snore like a normal person. He snores on his inhale and there is a name for it but i can't remember it now. Basically it's perfectly ok for him, but more detrimental for the partner aka ME!


We've been together almost 7 years. He's always had this. But i feel like it's got worse. It used to keep me up but then after moving in with him and wotnot I got used to it and it never bothered me.

Wind on several years. We had to move to a new area but while we were selling or house and he started a new job we lived apart mon-fri . He came back weekends and i still slept without issue.

Then we sold our house. I moved up. We lived in a rented room together.

Then suddenly his"snoring" began to bother me more and i could not sleep. Since moving i have not been able to sleep with his snoring.

It is just constant. A constant "ehhhhhhhhh" all the time and it makes me mad even though obvs not his fault.

It was affecting my sleep. By the time i started my new job i was having really bad sleep and having headaches and not able to concentrate.

Anyway now we sleep separately and i sleep fine. But whenever do have to share... Again the lack of sleep for me.

I wake him up but the thing is hell just wake up and roll over and start immediately. It'll start of quiet then get worse. He sleeps like a log.

He even does it if he's just lightly dozing.

I'm sure it has got worse since our move. But i don't get why.

Anyway, atm I'm pregnant and can't sleep anyway but we've tried to share again and if course it didn't work as i can't even sleep normally.

I AM a bad sleeper. Once i get to sleep (when not preg) I'm usually ok but i feel that I'm not sleeping as deeply. It's like i do wake up for microseconds but fall asleep again so don't notice it. But if I'm with him then i just wake up.

I really don't know why. Is it the air? I used to live near the sea, now more inland. He also sweats a whole lot more since moving (has been to docs about it) which i find peculiar and it worries me. It soaks the bed and he's clammy to the touch. He was always warm but not as bad as this. He got diagnosed with high bp and send to think that his sweating had improved since going on meds. Which it has. But it (the bp) concerns me. He's still sweatier than before.

Anyway sorry for the long thing. It's 0430 I've been awake since 2am and that's since kicking him out. Do feeling doolally already.

I just don't know what to do. I miss him so much but we just can't sleep in the same bed anymore.

It's not his fault he snores and i can't seem to fix my bad sleeping.

But i do find it really strange that is happened since we moved. I don't know why. And it doesn't improve really if we are on holiday so can't just be location as now it effects us (well me) everywhere.

Maybe his snoring is the same, I'm just incapable of sleeping through it. I used to be really good.

Any ideas what we can try? I don't want to take sleeping tablets.... Can't at present anyway but i don't like the idea of having to medicate myself (or him).

Of course this is all pointless as in a few months neither of us will be able to sleep anyway! Haha. Well he might if he stays in a separate room but I'd like him to come back. However i dread that between him snoring and baby crying I'll have no chance.

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AllModra Wed 25-Sep-19 05:02:43

Hello waves not pregnant but not been to sleep yet either.

I don't know about different snores. But my partner has sleep apnoea and has to use a cpap. Has this been ruled out?

I know it sucks not sleeping next to each other but take one of his hoodies to the other room with you (or in with you when you kick him out of your bed).

For years and years I've had to take myself off to other rooms to occupy myself or try to sleep. I've got chronic insomnia and can be up for a good three days, hallucinations and all. If sleep apnoea has been rules out then I'd think you'll have to continue to sleep apart.

Or put a pillow over his head something.

ToLiveInPeace Thu 26-Sep-19 08:56:52

My husband is a noisy sleeper, for various reasons. Separate bedrooms save my sanity.

bathsoup Fri 27-Sep-19 18:39:37

Have you tried ear plugs? I use orange foam ones from Superdrug. They drown out my dh's snoring well enough for us to be able to sleep in the same bed.

spottygymbag Fri 27-Sep-19 20:01:44

Have a look at the Bose sleep buds- saved my sleep and sanity!

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