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Dry eyes, inflammation

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Dryandinflammed Tue 24-Sep-19 12:02:34

Anyone else suffer from this? I could do with some advice, or any opticians/opthalmologists about?

I've had had dry eyes for a few years. 0-1 tear break up time. Developed keratitis. Each time I've seen opthalmologist, eyes too inflamed for tear plugs. I've been on several rounds of steroid drops, still inflamed. I was on ikervis but ran out a few weeks ago. Since then it's been more painful than ever. In desperation I started taking steroids again. I had a spare bottle. Probably shouldn't, I've had raised eye pressure in the past.

I'm struggling to read or type for more than a few minutes. I'm also struggling with the cost of eyedrops. My GP refused to prescribe them. I know they're OTC but it's not a mild or short-term issue in my case. It's costing me a fortune!

I've asked GP for a new referral but likely several month wait.

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Missingmemarbles Wed 25-Sep-19 20:50:58

Have you been tested for Sjogren's syndrome?

underneaththeash Thu 26-Sep-19 21:45:25

You probably need some more cyclosporin - you need that referral.
In the meantime - have an eye exam and check for lid disease - which can make DED (dry eye disease) worse.
Some people are steroid responders and their pressure goes up with drops - don’t use them, you don’t want to be adding glaucomatous damage to the mix.
What drops are you currently using?

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