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Chronic foot pain - shoe recommendations please?

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Maria53 Mon 23-Sep-19 20:18:52

The podiatrist says I have bursitis and need to get wider fit shoes - the only problem is most womens shoes aren't wide fit and if they are, they aren't attractive.

I've had some shoes from Clarks and Red or Dead. Looking for more recommendations, thanks!

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SarahBeeney Mon 23-Sep-19 23:20:48

Have a look at Evans. They have a really good range of wide fit shoes/boots/sandals etc

Dodie66 Mon 23-Sep-19 23:28:14 do wide fitting shoes in lots of styles. I buy quite a lot of items form them

Shouldbedoing Mon 23-Sep-19 23:28:17

Take a look at Hotter or Ecco or Rieker -all very foot shaped..

Neolara Mon 23-Sep-19 23:31:35

Gabor shoes are wide fit.

Chilledout11 Mon 23-Sep-19 23:38:54

I wear footglove by Marks and Spencer and also recently bought a few pairs wide fit shoes from asos that are stylish. Leopard print and deep plum etc

Persea Mon 23-Sep-19 23:43:17

Do you have bursitis or a Morton’s Neuroma? I had both, the bursa surrounded the Neuroma causing a lot of pain.
Anyway, I found Clark’s did some great wide fitting boots (not sure about shoes) and Fitflops for trainers.

Maria53 Tue 24-Sep-19 00:01:59

Persea - the podiatrist says he thinks bursitis bit mortons neuroma because it doesnt hurt when he squeezes the toes together/he cant feel one. Does that sound likely?

I will look into some of the brands mentioned. Was told there's often more wide fit selection online than in shops.

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Maria53 Tue 24-Sep-19 00:03:14

*thinks it's not Morton's neuroma - but I've had a specialist previously say he thinks its quite likely. The issue has been on going for six years and I've never had a firm diagnosis, just hypotheses imo

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thinkfast Tue 24-Sep-19 00:10:59

Van Dahl do some nice wide fit shoes.

IncrediblySadToo Tue 24-Sep-19 00:14:28

Depends what footwear you can ‘get away with’ wearing. I had multiple issues with my feet. My life has been a million times better since I found sketchers. I live in them, but I can wear casual clothes.

They have so many styles and fits that you need to be prepared to try on quite a few to get the best ones for you, but it’s worth it.

Footle Tue 24-Sep-19 08:49:01

Place marking.

Milliways Tue 24-Sep-19 18:35:20

sole mates insoles saved my feet for years. I have neuromas, have had one removed, and also plantar fasciitis. My GP sent me to consultant when realised I had been complaining for years, consultant was convinced it was a bursitis but scans confirmed 1.5cm neuromas in both feet.

Some M&S wide feet shoes are good, and my work shoes are currently Clark’s hope shoes that are well cushioned.

I also have some hotter casual shoes.

Persea Tue 24-Sep-19 22:49:21

@Maria53 tbf mine (I had / have them in both feet - one was removed, one still there) never hurt when they were squeezed.
Have you had an ultrasound? I think that’s possibly the only definite way to diagnose a MN.

Maria53 Tue 24-Sep-19 23:56:09

No I haven't had an ultrasound but I was honestly hoping for one. Tbh I feel like they all guess at what is wrong and I've heard different interpretations from each person I've seen.

I've just been told to do toe exercises and wear the insoles...give it 6 weeks and see if that helps...

I've been living with this for 6 years. Also look for the m and s brand mentioned above in their shop today but no sign of it! I wanted to cry as every single shoe I looked at out of a large collection was 'standard fit'.

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Persea Wed 25-Sep-19 05:30:13

I tried the insoles, plus wearing trainers for 3 months. After that I did get an ultrasound to confirm MN, so if after wearing the insoles you notice no improvement I’d definitely push for one.

Chocl8 Wed 25-Sep-19 12:41:30

I got shoes for my MIL from here. If you choose carefully some style are fashionable enough. They enabled my MIL to walk properly again, so I rate them very highly.
My DD gets shoes made by NHS orthotics but I think that you have to have a very very strong case for that to happen. Just mentioning incase you really can’t find anything.

Maria53 Thu 26-Sep-19 00:16:22

The more I think about it, the more annoyed i am about not being offered an ultrasound. He said he 'doesn't think' it's a neuroma yet multiple podiatrists have said there is a strong likelihood. Why not give me one to rule it out?

Honestly I'm sick fed up. Now I've reflected I dont actually feel that 'do some exefcise and here are some insoles' is acceptable

I was 21 when this started, now I'm 27. I have actually been reduced to tears in a shoe shop because I find it impossible and my mental health has been greatly affected. People make jokes about how young and fit I am and make light about the pain. Sorry. It can get very frustrating.

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Persea Thu 26-Sep-19 08:06:29

Definitely push for it.
I had them in both feet (one now removed) - the one that gave me most pain was actually really hard to find on the ultrasound because it was smaller, but had the bursa too. Life is much better since surgery. Though my foot post-surgery has different issues (numbness etc....) but it’s infinitely better than the excruciating pain.
Because I still have a MN in the other foot, I manage it through wide/‘sensible’ shoes. But that MN wasn’t as bad as the other one so it’s easier to manage.

Persea Thu 26-Sep-19 08:08:39

Sorry - long message above! What I was trying to say was, go back and push for it, 6 years with no outcome /improvement is a long time.
Before surgery I had steroid injections.
So they should at least be trying to rule things out, offer solutions. Feet are, afterall, pretty bloody essential.

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