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Five months of Hairloss 😢😢😢

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Sarahlouiseis33 Mon 23-Sep-19 12:06:31

Hi All,

I’ve been experiencing hair loss for the last five months and I am so very down about it all. I already have an underactive thyroid that is treated with medication. My ferritin levels are also very good. I’ve had blood tests but they have only shown very low levels of B12 and folate. Has anyone had anything similar? It started shedding suddenly one day in April and just hasn’t stopped. Anyone? I am beside myself with worrying.

Thank you


ladyflower23 Mon 23-Sep-19 13:11:31

Hello. I was wondering if anything has happened that could have effected your hormones? I seem very sensitive to hormones and my hair will shed a lot for about 6 months when there had been a big change e.g. going on the pill, stopping the pill, getting pregnant, giving birth.

Sarahlouiseis33 Mon 23-Sep-19 13:14:52

I came of the pill after my hair started shedding because the doctor said that’s what could have caused the shedding. However I’ve been of the pill for 9 weeks now so if it was that I thought it might have stopped by now. It’s worrying me so much.

Ellabella989 Mon 23-Sep-19 13:17:15

How is your diet and stress levels? Do you take b12 and folate supplements?
It could be the pill as when I came off it I had to wait about 6 months for my hormones to settle down.

PorterBella Mon 23-Sep-19 13:20:56

I know of a few hypothyroid women who go through this op,
me included. Even with all blood tests being within range
With me it goes through cycles, my hair will grow back normally
and be ok for months then for some reason I've never fathomed it will shed again.

Sarahlouiseis33 Mon 23-Sep-19 13:24:25

@PorterBella I’m so worried it’s not going to stop. 5 months! My hair is definitely thinner than usual.

PorterBella Mon 23-Sep-19 13:37:04

It's horrible, op and really depressing, esp when there's
no treatment or any concrete reasons why.

Have a look on the forums
for hypothyroid hair loss.

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