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Carpal tunnel advice?

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CupoTeap Mon 23-Sep-19 07:11:39

So my thumb and a couple of fingers are numb and tingly today, and realised I've also had some wrist pain that has woken me a few nights. I had carpal tunnel when I was pregnant years ago, should I start worry now it's coming back?

I didn't have any treatment then as was just numbness and it did eventually go away. Although there were a few times it was clear it was affecting my grip.

With my second it was much less.

What can I do, how long/bad should I let it get before bother the gp?

Thanks thanks

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barkingfly Mon 23-Sep-19 08:27:46

Wear a cock-up brace to bed, and take vitamin B 6.

CupoTeap Mon 23-Sep-19 12:13:12

Thanks @barkingfly would you recommend the brace till it stops or ongoing?

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OlgaPolga45 Mon 23-Sep-19 12:32:44

Something to bear in mind...

CCGs around the country have now forced GPs to go through several steps before they can refer you for the operation. That means that quite a lot of people, by the time they get the surgery, have already suffered permanent nerve damage.

If you were to visit the GP sooner rather than later, and thus get started on those steps now, if your carpal tunnel worsens to the point that you do need surgery, you'll be able to access it much more quickly.

CupoTeap Tue 24-Sep-19 05:40:13

Thanks @OlgaPolga45 I'll certainly keep that in mind, hopefully it's not going to get to that stage but I guess you never know.

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