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Loosen my own cast (broken foot)

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WhatToDoToMakeAMillion Mon 23-Sep-19 07:47:18

Thanks all. I was thinking this morning that probably its fine, but now I've seen your posts I'll contact the fracture clinic as I do really want this to heal properly for the long term. Thanks

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Actaea Mon 23-Sep-19 00:18:04

I’d call the fracture clinic and ask. Most people suffer discomfort with a cast but put up with it for the long term payoff of a properly healed bone.

TerribleCustomerCervix Mon 23-Sep-19 00:14:50

There was a thread fairly recently about posters who had adapted or taken off their casts early. Worked ok for some, but there were a lot of comments their injuries had never set properly and they were still in discomfort years later.

Can you call the fracture clinic again? I wouldn’t mess about with a foot fracture.

Greybeardy Mon 23-Sep-19 00:08:00

No one on here can answer that question without knowing exactly what injuries you have. Probably best to contact the fracture clinic again and take their advice.

WhatToDoToMakeAMillion Sun 22-Sep-19 23:22:28

I have a fractured foot (several fractures) and my foot has been put in a cast thing (hard on the underside, but just fabric on top. It was very painful the day after the cast was applied and I went back to the hospital who took it off and re-cast it which felt a LOT better!)

I've had the new cast a week now, but it felt so uncomfortable tonight I cut it a bit to kind of free my foot a bit. It feel miles better, but I'm aware the bit where most of the injury is, is now exposed. It can't really move as the underside is still in hard cast, but the top of my foot is now able to breathe in the air!

Have I done an ok thing? I feel much better andore comfortable, but am now very anxious Ive done something wrong and am damaging my foot in some way, even though it feels better now the injury is not wrapped up.

What should I do? I don't want to hassle the hospital. Is it ok to leave it like this for a couple.of weeks til I see a fracture specialist?

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