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Advice needed to stop anger

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MummyG85 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:53:09

I've recently spoken to the doctor about my problems with anxiety and anger. I'm feeling very stressed at the moment almost all the time every day. I've tried to speak to my husband about this but it gets brushed off. I snap badly at the smallest of things and I'm finding myself losing my temper and shouting. My doctor has been lovely and listened to me, he thinks I need some time to myself every so often. Unfortunately my husband doesn't want to arrange time for this as there are things he likes to do at the weekend.

I can't find away to step back enough to clear my head and I'd really appreciate some advice.

How can I stop before I get cross without leaving my 3 year old and baby alone? Im not being a good mum when I'm so irritable all the time. My doctor has said we can look at medication if I can't do the above or if it doesn't help but he thinks it's the situation I'm in and not a mental health issue causing this reaction as I always have someone with me.

Benefitofthedoubt Fri 20-Sep-19 11:56:42

What stuff is he doing at the weekends that is more important than your mental health?

MummyG85 Fri 20-Sep-19 14:36:29

He says he needs his down time and wants to go out with his friends, last weekend he wanted to test out his router or to go for a skate. Obviously I don't mind him doing these things as he works full time. He used to get up with the children once a week so I could sleep in but he doesn't anymore. I've mentioned a couple times that I'd like a night away from everyone to just relax but he laughs. I'm probably being silly and overly sensitive, I need to find away to switch my anger off, I'm really trying but I'm struggling

Ker100 Fri 20-Sep-19 14:46:20

Are you kidding? His behaviour is horrible- does he care about you at all?!

I think maybe a firm conversation is necessary, and stop putting yourself down saying you're being silly- you're not thanks

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