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Spotting on and off

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Rosecat22 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:49:12

Hi Ladies

Was wondering if I can get some opinions/ experience on spotting; I started spotting a few days after the end of my last period. It continued on and off for about 5 days, tailing off quite significantly after the first 2 days.

I went to the doctors, last week, had an exam and a few swabs taken and was diagnosed with BV (delightful). Doc performed an internal exam and said that my cervix looked healthy, no obvious lesions or anything, but that there was some blood up there which mean she wanted me to come back when the bleeding stopped so she could have a look again.

For the past 4 days I’ve had basically no spotting at all, however today I’m now experiencing pink spotting again, in larger amounts than the first time it happened! I’m not due on my period for another week sad

I’ve had the copper coil for a couple of years now so don’t think it’s that, I did experience a week of very intense stress just before the spotting started that may have screwed my hormones totally but I am worried it’s something more sinister.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

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