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Question about piercings and baby

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1ToughCookie Fri 20-Sep-19 04:09:54

I love my spider bites and would like to try to preserve them through my child's infancy.

He's a newborn but has recently started to be able to grasp. He also can swing his head in a wildly uncontrollable fashion.

My main concerns are that he'll grasp a loop and yank it out, or that he'll headbutt me in the lip studs.

Is my option really only to take them out and hope they don't close up? Or is there another option?

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AllModra Fri 20-Sep-19 04:32:03

Just leave them in, you'll be fine. I had mine in, you just learn to avoid little grasping fingers.

tabbycat985 Fri 20-Sep-19 04:37:42

I had the same problem with grabbing, I ended up putting in clear bars until baby was disinterested then changed to black bars. Still didn't risk wearing hoops again until DC was a lot older.
Accidental head butting hasn't been a problem until recently (1yo) & I had a hoop in but it still hurt like a bitch😫

1ToughCookie Fri 20-Sep-19 09:54:43

Thanks @tabbycat985 @AllModra ! Last night I switched from hoops to bars with a ball in a very similar colour to my skin tone. He was taking an interest in my hoops, but hopefully won't notice the bars. I prefer to wear hoops so I'll change back once I feel comfortable (who knows when that'll be...)

One final question re: bars and proper fitting. One size is definitely a bit loose, but the other size seems disconcerting about how it embeds in the back. It's not pinching though. There's only 2 mm difference in length. Is a tighter fit or a looser fit proper?

It's been ages since I've been out of my hoops.

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tabbycat985 Fri 20-Sep-19 14:26:55

Oh I'm really not sure if there's a 'proper fit' but I always have mine tighter to my lip as I find it can irritate my gums if they're too long. But if you feel your lip swell at all, obviously go for the longer bar

AllModra Sun 22-Sep-19 03:41:05

I haven't had a bar in mine for years but in the inside of the lip I tended to get a sort of round indentation, it seemed pretty normal. A snug fit is better because you can accidentally catch bars between your front teeth otherwise, but not so snug as to hurt or cause discomfort and irritation. If you have a local piercing parlour, you can ask them to have a check for you to see if they are OK.

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