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Cough and really tight chest

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SunnySummerDays Thu 19-Sep-19 21:55:12

Any suggestions to help please?
I’m having a shower before bed. Honey and lemon. Can’t stop coughing and I just really can’t breathe and talk well. Been docs Wednesday and he said it’s just viral and chest is clear... but I feel awful! It’s worrying me I can’t breathe. Thanks

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EvilPostbox Thu 19-Sep-19 22:02:29

It’s probably just a cold. There’s been one going round which I had too where you feel breathless and tight chest. Night Nurse liquid for any coughing at night.

HappyHammy Thu 19-Sep-19 22:08:00

The steam from the shower might of started off a coughing fit but if you feel unwell and unable to breath properly you can call 111 for medical advice. I had similar and it turned out to be a nasty chest infection.

RightMover Thu 19-Sep-19 22:11:26

I am where you are OP! I've had a stinking cold all this week, today my chest has been really bad. I'm taking the day nurse capsules which take the edge off but jeez today at work was a struggle!

SunnySummerDays Thu 19-Sep-19 22:15:33

I’ve not got a cold and even though no sore throat my voice is really croaky. Very strange. Driving everyone mad coughing ... but not bringing anything up at all.

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OctopusNow Thu 19-Sep-19 22:19:24

Ive had this for weeks now, it's horrible. The doctors just said it's viral, keep using inhalers and try to rest (chance would be a fine thing!).
I'm coughing so hard, I've had to buy some tena lady for the first time ever blush

Bunnybigears Thu 19-Sep-19 22:19:27

I think I have the same virus. No cold symptoms, persistent cough, tight chest, cant take a deep breath. Its shit but I'm making myself feel better by eating chocolate (well that's my excuse)

OctopusNow Thu 19-Sep-19 22:20:16

I do cough stuff up though, lots. It's grim. 😷

SunnySummerDays Thu 19-Sep-19 23:06:09

Think I’ll try the chocolate....and Tena lady advice too!!! 👀

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WrenNatsworthy Tue 24-Sep-19 01:50:28

Just up in the night coughing like crazy and searching for kindred spirits.
Have any of you managed to get rid of this yet. I'm in such a bad way tonight,this has been going on since mid - August for me!
Coughing up phlegm, wetting myself. It gets so bad at night sometimes that I just sit on the loo coughing.

SunnySummerDays Sun 29-Sep-19 18:07:29

WrenNatsworthy Nope I’ve still got it!!

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Lwmommy Sun 29-Sep-19 18:14:53

Sudafed mucus relief has been great for me and DH.

OctopusNow Wed 02-Oct-19 10:51:27

Nope. Still got it. 😷

SunnySummerDays Wed 02-Oct-19 21:26:54

And still here too. Sleeping better though but barking when I wake. When I come into warm air, and when I sit. I’m coughing stuff up now so hopefully that’s progress? On about third pack of tenna lady too!

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