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Multiloculor cystic mass

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fudgesmummy Thu 19-Sep-19 14:53:39

I paid to have a private MRI scan done last Sunday to try and find the cause of a longterm problem with sciatica (GP wouldn’t refer me)
The technition commented on my very large stomach and said he would take some imagines while scanning my back.
I received the report today and it says they can see a large multilocular mass. I have emailed my GP a copy of the report and have got to ring tomorrow to hopefully make an appointment to speak/see a doctor.
I have of course consulted Dr Google and am now absolutely terrified what this might mean. ☹️
Has anyone had any experience of this?

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Greybeardy Thu 19-Sep-19 19:53:19

Who requested the scan?...didn’t they give you some idea what the problem may be when they gave you the result? It sounds very unusual that a radiographer would just go ahead & scan something completely unrelated to the original reason for the scan.

fudgesmummy Thu 19-Sep-19 20:06:12

I self referred (and paid £450) on the advice of my osteopath. My GP wouldn’t refer me. I couldn’t fit in the normal scanner because my stomach was so big (I am very overweight all over but have had a very large belly for several years)
He commented on it as said he would scan it as well.
I’ve got an appointment in the morning with my GP to talk about the findings

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