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Vomiting after MMR - any experience/knowledge?

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mrsbabookaloo Fri 10-Aug-07 17:36:35

My dd is 13 months and had her first MMR jab yesterday, with pneumococcal. Last night she vomited from 9:30pm every fifteen minutes til 5am. We ended up going to A&E. They were very cagey about whether it could be connected to MMR. She had also had a bump to her head yesterday, which rather clouded the issue.
It could just be sthg viral, but seems rather a coincidence. She is OK today, just sleepy and cranky. I've been trying to find out about this on t'internet, and only found rather scary medical journal type things about gastrointestinal probs after MMR being linked with autism. I had convinced myself not to worry about MMR and autism,but this is rather anxious-making. Haven't found anything that says vomiting is a normal side-effect of MMR. Can anybody point me in the direction of some info, or has anyone else's dc vomited after MMR and then been all right? Need some reassurance, tho I'm not normally a health-panicker!
Sorry for long post. TIA, will check back later.

mrsbabookaloo Fri 10-Aug-07 20:54:31


ruddynorah Fri 10-Aug-07 20:59:29

vomiting can be a side effect of a bump to the head.

did they give pnuemococcal at the same time as MMR?

macmama73 Fri 10-Aug-07 21:39:56

I found this about the pneummoccal vaccine prevenar

< In clinical studies (n=18,168), the most frequently reported adverse events included injection site reactions, fever (>38°C/100.4°F), irritability, drowsiness, restless sleep, decreased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash.>

That sounds like your DD. Didn't they mention that at A&E? Hope she is better soon.

gess Fri 10-Aug-07 22:01:03

The gastrointesitnal problems linked to MMR are severe diarrhoea (ongoing for years untreated) rather than vomiting. There was a great book published a couple of weeks ago by an NHS GP- Dr Richard Halvorsen on vaccinations. He doesn't list vomiting as a common reaction to MMR.

Penumonococcal sounds more likely- do record it as a potential adverse reaction. You can do it yourself here. halvorsen lists fever, irritability, prolonged crying, stomach disturbances and seizures as known adverse reactions. He doesn't specify what the stomach disturbances are.

gess Fri 10-Aug-07 22:04:29

ah vomiting- does sound like it's linked to prevenar. Do report it on that link- the safety trials were limited & in most the vaccine was given with other vaccines- making it difficult to work out what was causing what.

mrsbabookaloo Sat 11-Aug-07 10:06:25

Thanks so much for this: I was being a bit blinkered about the MMR and not thinking that the pneumococcal could also be the cause. She's had the pneumococcal before and not reacted: this was her third dose, but it still seems more likely. And thanks for the info about the prolonged gastro problems being linked to MMR, rather than vomiting. I feel reassured and will look up pneumococcal side-effects. DH also said the same thing, to give him credit.

Thanks everyone.

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