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Charles Bonnet syndrome

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minesadecaf Wed 18-Sep-19 19:40:45

Does anyone have any experience of this? Think my dad might have it. He has other health issues too which may be the cause of his symptoms but this has come on suddenly and several a&e visits later, various specialisms explored, no one can agree. However he ticks all the boxes for CBS. Anyone who has experience, can you tell me:
How did it manifest
How long did it last
What improved it

Thank you. It's terrifying.

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Egghead68 Wed 18-Sep-19 20:18:20

No direct experience but have come across it. Does your father have visual impairment? Is he distressed by what he is seeing?

Egghead68 Wed 18-Sep-19 20:21:04

I think that it can last for varying amounts of time.

The main thing is that, if your Dad gets the diagnosis, he can be reassured that he is not “going mad” and that it is just one of those things that can happen with failing eyesight.

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