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What's going on with my lips?

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magicmallow Wed 18-Sep-19 19:37:32

Sometimes anxiety can cause this. Or have you been fasting or anything like that?As PP poster says potassium deficiency can cause this. But also if you're under stress etc this can happen.

LiliesAndChocolate Wed 18-Sep-19 19:29:17

So if you look at yourself in the mirror, can't you see the tremor?
Are you able to move your lips freely when it happens?
Well if it continues, I would see a GP. Tremors, including lip twitching, can be caused by a simple potassium deficiency or too many energy drinks , but it is better to rule out other causes.

LifeIsGoodish Wed 18-Sep-19 18:52:17

Since the weekend my lips keep feeling like they are quivering- as if I was about to cry. But I'm not upset at all. It's a tiny, almost fluttery feeling, with no visible movement. If I touch my lips I can't feel any quiver with my fingers, and the internal sensation disappears immediately. It's happening multiple times a day. Started in just the left half of my lower lip, but today it's sometimes the left half of the top lip as well.

It is weird.

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