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What is this..?!

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BourbonAndTea Tue 17-Sep-19 11:05:10

Hi Dr Mumsnet!

So, last week I had a gland up in my neck - one side, small, pea-sized lump for around 4 days. Felt otherwise well.
Now I have a fuzzy head and sore throat. And while lounging in the bath last night I noticed these little spots appearing on my torso! A couple of little batches of them but mostly individual. They are hard, don't itch unless I scratch (if that makes sense!). The little batches of them are about 1.5cm (sorry, the photo is rubbish!).

No new bubble bath etc..

Any ideas? Shall I just ignore them? I had shingles early this year. I am immuno-suppressed due to medication but am at a loss with this one!

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Namaste6 Fri 20-Sep-19 04:27:33

Hi Op
You may already be diagnosed given its Friday but it could be shingles.

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