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Has anyone tried slimming tablets from ebay??

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chacha3 Fri 10-Aug-07 11:32:41

they are called star diet

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 11:41:57

in a diet pill you have an appetite suppressant (try water) a stimulant (try caffeine or guyrana) and something to speed up your metabloism (try exercise especially weight resistance and green tea or green tea extract)

EscapeFrom Fri 10-Aug-07 11:43:55

Slimming tablets can give you an anal prolapse.

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 11:45:03

and they also have laxatives but you don't need those just fruit and veg and fibre generally

WanderingTrolley Fri 10-Aug-07 11:45:21

Or you could play Russian Roulette chacha.

Buying medication from ebay.

Are you mad.

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 11:45:40

or chew a lot of sugar free gum and eat products containing sorbitol

fawkeoff Fri 10-Aug-07 11:46:30

i just bought stacker 4 for mum(seriously}) off ebay for £17.50....theyre supposed to be really strong and loads of her friends reccomended them to her....and theyre paying 35quid a bottle from the gym for em

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 11:47:26

they used to have ephedrine in but it is now not legal for sale (heart attacks)

WanderingTrolley Fri 10-Aug-07 11:47:45

Please get them from a doctor.

chopchopbusybusy Fri 10-Aug-07 11:50:43

Why not just eat more healthily?

fawkeoff Fri 10-Aug-07 11:51:38

yeah it says summat like ephadra free on the box....she wanted me to try and get her some with ephadrine im a drug pusher

Saturn74 Fri 10-Aug-07 11:51:38

Not a sensible idea, chacha3.

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 11:52:52

tell her there is no easy way

fawkeoff Fri 10-Aug-07 11:55:05

i wouldnt mind but she doesnt even need them in my opinion and shes 50 odd.chacha3 if i were u i would just go and see ur gp...he will send u to a dietrician and they will help you lose the weight.

WigWamBam Fri 10-Aug-07 11:55:53

At best, buying tablets from unknown sources is a waste of money.

At worst it can be dangerous.

If she wants slimming pills, ask her to see the GP. He can make sure they are (a) safe and (b) legal, and can provide support for her.

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 11:57:27

fifty odd !

chacha3 Fri 10-Aug-07 12:00:15

have tried eating healthy but the kids just drive me mad so end up eating cos feel so down!

chacha3 Fri 10-Aug-07 12:02:05

they are herbal tablets tho thought they were the ok kinda tablet to take

MrsBadger Fri 10-Aug-07 12:03:25

Herbs can be just as potent as pharmaceuticals, and just as dangerous if you don't know what you're taking.

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 12:03:48

herbal doesn't mean anything except less regulation

fawkeoff Fri 10-Aug-07 12:04:01

didnt mean that ske shouldnt be dieting at her age.i meant that she is after illegal stuff iyswim

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 12:04:46

I was only kidding re 50 odd...

EscapeFrom Fri 10-Aug-07 12:05:18

cocaine is a herbal extract too.

WanderingTrolley Fri 10-Aug-07 12:05:59

lol EscapeFrom - can it count toward my five-a-day?

zippitippitoes Fri 10-Aug-07 12:07:04

think all those plants I've got in the cellar under lights are too

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