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Any midwives or medical people around - im desperate for advice!!!!!

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CharlotteACavatica Fri 10-Aug-07 10:05:56

My friend is really worrying me and all her other friends and family, she is a small and small framed, and for months now she has developed a bigger and bigger tummy, and i noticed the other day her tummy button is popping out! She wont admit to being pregnant, she wont accept any help, her and her husband split in late december early january, and she is really struggling as a single mum, and we all think she is definatley pregnant but in denial, she looks so pregnant its almost impossible to believe it could be anything else! we have asked her, and she changes the subject and laughs it off, she claimed a couple of few months ago when we all first started to notice that she had just put on weight since her split due to stress and we believed her, but its obvious now that its not just weight, and she is getting to a point where she got cross with her sister and had a row with her about it, i dont want to upset her or make her feel like she's being ganged up against, but we are so so so worried, if anyone has any advice or ideas as to what we can do please please let me know, we are all at our wits end, and by our random calculations we think she could be due anytime over the next couple of weeks!! what can we do???

Leati Fri 10-Aug-07 10:17:44

Pregnancy denial is not totally uncommon. The problem is if she is pregnant, she is missing out one vital prenatal care. She needs to face her pregnancy and then make decisions.

I would try to approach her again. You could even buy a home pregnancy test for her.

Is there a chance that she has a really large beer belly? (hopeful wishing)

CharlotteACavatica Fri 10-Aug-07 13:05:20

sorry got called away, since she is such a small framed and petite person if its not a baby then she has something very seriously wrong! i bought a pregnancy test but she wont take it. Is it quite common? i really have no ideas on this at all, and she is such a lovely sweet person and she's really had a bad year, i just want to help her and do something to make her know she has people here for her, if i should approach her again, what could i say/do?? im beggining to feel im not helping at all anymore

birthdaycake Fri 10-Aug-07 13:09:42

To be honest, I think that I would just respect her wishes. As an adult she is entitled to deny she is pregnant if she wants to whether this is to herself or other people. The fact that she has declined to take the pregnancy test indicates to me that she knows but doesn't want to acknowledge it. However, I would carry on being the best friend that you can be on the basis that she will need your help and support if/when the baby appears. She is lucky to have such a caring friend.

lisad123 Fri 10-Aug-07 13:11:43

I would ask her round with her sister and explain truefully how worried you all are about her. Have abtest ready for her to take and explain you are all there to help, and support her.
My nan loooks about 8 months preggy, and she too is very small framed and no chance of being preggy, so is possible. She suffers really badly with IBS which is stressed related. Maybe your friend is suffering from that, or just the sort of lady that only carries weight on her tum.

I think you need to keep being there and hope she exspects help soon. hugs


CharlotteACavatica Fri 10-Aug-07 13:51:46

Thanku all for your help, i think i may just have one last chat with her, and just say whatever she chooses to do, howvere she chooses to deal with things that we will all be here ready should she need us, and then i will leave it at that. She is an adult and she is quite capable of looking after herself, and is entitled to expect respect from people whatever she chooses to do in her life, and i would never want to do anything that suggests i/we dont respect her or have her best interests at heart, its such a tricky situation.

CharlotteACavatica Wed 26-Sep-07 22:37:10

Sorry to revive old threads but i just thought id update with the startling news that this friend was indeed pregnant and we discovered this much today when she gave birth on her own at 5am this morning on her bathroom floor!!! Thankfully she and her 7lb exactly baby boy are fine, she is in shock and claims she never knew, but alls ended well, and thats all that matters i guess!

Haribosmum Thu 27-Sep-07 01:20:16

So glad to hear a good outcome! I suppose all you can be now is the best friend you can be and help her with the baby. {grin}

barefeete Thu 27-Sep-07 01:30:57

oh my god - she didn't know!

slim22 Thu 27-Sep-07 01:37:50

amazing how human mind and body work......
Well, hope the new mum is coping and I'm sure she can count on you for support.

orangehead Sun 30-Sep-07 00:12:17

im so glad all ok

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